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Easyline laundry chutes UK supply and install the highest quality stainless steel laundry chutes to businesses & direct to the public. Internal diameters range from 250mm through to 400mm for residential and up to 900mm for commercial. Easyline recommend 300mm for domestic houses. The easy to install modular system enables you to design and purchase the system that meets your precise requirements. We have developed some easy purchase suggestions for the most common types of installation. Individual parts can also be supplied.

If you have a set of plans email them to us and we will design a chute and return complete with images of ‘how it will look in your home’.

• Easy Installation (can be installed in a few hours)

• Integrated child & vulnerable adult safety feature

• Airproof system to prevent heat loss and smell

• Has a range of extension sizes to enable an exact fit

• Once installed its there for the life of the house

• No sharp edges for laundry to get caught on

• RAL 9003 powder-coated or stainless steel brushed finish

• No static charge as by a plastic pipe or wooden home made systems

• Lockable laundry chute doors with an airtight system to prevent sound propagation

• Seamless laser welded stainless steel system, DIN 1.4301 quality,

glass bed blasted or high gloss polished.

• You will always require an end piece. This is the final part of the chute with an open

end that spills the laundry to the basket or bag. We supply a straight piece that is

finished to remove sharp edges or our new sprinf loaded damper which automatically

opens when 600g or more of laundry falls to the bottom of the chute.

This product is exclusive to Strathvac Easyline Laundry Chutes UK.

• Easy-Line laundry chutes have been designed to be simple to install and

maintenance-free. The simple pluggable system means a building professional or

competent DIYer can install an Easy-Line laundry chute in less than a day.

Strathvac are a UK based company who supply only or supply and install Central Vacuum’s, Heat recovery and Laundry Chutes.

We are the only UK supplier & installer for our German manufacturer ZSA VariovacVario-vent and Easyline laundry chutes.

Please click on the VariovacVariovent or Easyline images for further information, or contact us to get the best advice and price available. If you have a query we can discuss it and recommend the optimum option. 

Our systems are high quality German manufactured and not cheap Chinese like the majority of our competitors.

If you have an electronic set of plans please email them to us and receive a FREE no obligation design and quote which includes a ‘drawing of how it will look’.

We do not pester you with sales pitches, our systems sell themselves.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. <span class="c0">Strathvac are a UK based company who supply only or supply and install central vacuum systems, heat recovery and laundry chutes. </span>