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The 300mm Loft Leg XL

The Loft Leg XL has been developed specifically for new build homes with very deep insulation over and above the standard government recommendations.

Government guidelines currently recommend that existing homes are insulated with 270mm of quit insulation to achieve a U value of 0.16 W/m²K.  However, new build homes can often be installed with up to 400mm of insulation to meet much stricter insulation targets.  Thermal studies have shown that compressing insulation can reduce its thermal properties by more than 50%, therefore a 300mm Loft Leg XL fixed on top of a truss provides a cost effective, easy to fit solution.

The Loft Leg XL in action
The Loft Leg XL in action

The Loft Leg XL has been rigorously tested by independent experts and can withstand compressive forces of over 1000Kg. It is perfectly safe to walk on and store up to 50kg per square metre. However, the product does not change the load bearing characteristics of the loft. Loft Leg XL’s can be purchased from as little as £17.99 for a box of 12 (providing up to 2.5sqm of raised storage).

Gareth Storey added “Having received lots of calls from customers with new build homes looking for a low cost simple solution it was clear there was a real market need. We spent 2 years developing and testing the new larger Loft Leg to ensure it performed as well as our standard Loft Leg. The Loft Leg XL is an ideal solution for builders and developers looking to provide additional value for their new build home customers. We are really excited to add the Loft Leg XL to our successful range of loft storage solutions.”
Other products from Loft Leg include loft shelving, loft lighting and downlight covers.

For more information on the Loft Leg XL and our other market leading loft storage solutions please visit

Loft Leg Ltd. design and manufacture innovative loft storage solutions that create bright, organised, energy efficient lofts.  All Loft Leg’s products are designed to work with, and protect, insulation products in the loft to create useful storage spaces while saving households energy and money.

All Loft Leg’s products use recycled materials, and are manufactured in the UK (wherever possible), to the highest international standards.

The company’s first product, the Loft Leg™,  was designed to create a simple, light and inexpensive raised boarded area in the loft above the government recommended 270mm of glass wool insulation. The raised deck creates an ideal storage and access platform, protecting the insulation from compression.  The Loft Leg has become the industry standard for raising loft storage platforms, trusted by energy companies, professional insulation installers and home owners throughout the UK.

Building on this success Loft Leg are continually innovating in their Loft Lab to create new, unique, loft storage, organisation and illumination products.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.