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You haven’t seen or experienced anything like the Airflow iCON. The iCON is a revolution in fan design, which brought colour, design and new levels of usability to the extractor fan market. Previously, only loud, bland, boxy extractor fans were available then iCON changed the rules when it was launched in 2004. We decided to change the way people think of extractor fans and how they are subsequently used in the home.

iCON can be installed in your toilet (iCON 15), bathroom (iCON 30) and kitchen (iCON 60) and offers a quick and easy installation and easy to fit twist and click covers. But that isn’t what makes the iCON so unique and ahead of the curve.

The iCON can be changed to suit your needs without having to change the entire fan. Thanks to a range of interchangeable control modules, how your iCON works changes with ease. Each iCON model (15, 30 and 60) comes with 8 different modular controls that guarantee the quality of ventilation that you receive doesn’t suffer when how you use the room changes. Furthermore, you’re no longer left with having to go through the large expensive of replacing the entire fan when how your room changes. The most popular modules are:

  • Pull Cord – a simple on/off manual control
  • Timer – an adjustable timer between 1 – 30 minutes which can be controlled by a remote switch or light switch operation
  • Humidity Timer – adjustable humidity settings can be set between 40-90% relative humidity
  • Motion Sensor Timer – motion sensor activation with added adjustable timer functionality
  • Motion Sensor Humidity Timer – motion sensor activation with adjustable humidity and timer functionality

Furthermore, no longer are you left with a large, white box in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet. iCON comes with a range of twist and click covers, which means that you can have a fan that matches your décor and with its slim profile and iris shutter. You iCON can be fitted with the following stylish covers:

  • Sandstone (all models)
  • Anthracite (all models)
  • Silver (all models)
  • Chrome (iCON 15 only)

Airflow Developments was founded in 1955 and has been forging a path of market leading and pioneering ventilation solutions for your home ever since. With a background in technical ventilation systems and air measurement devices, you can relax knowing that you’d be receiving a truly high quality, effective ventilation system for your home. Beginning in High Wycombe, Airflow has grown to become a leading international group of companies offering a wide range of high quality ventilation units for your home. With Airflow distributors being found across the globe, you can experience the high quality ventilation from Airflow around the world!

You may know Airflow from the Aidelle Loovent brand of domestic extractor fans, which has gone on to be installed in over 2,000,000 homes since its launch in 1969. Since our inception, we’ve continued to develop pioneering solutions for the home that combine excellent performance with modern design. Our flagship extractor fan for the home, Airflow iCON, has won numerous awards for its unique design and functionality including the sought after, prestigious Red Dot Design Award. These stylish extractor fans are a perfect addition to any kitchen, bathroom or toilet. Thanks to their replaceable covers and modular control, iCON adjusts to your needs with ease and can subtly blend into your décor; offering discrete yet effective ventilation.

They haven’t stopped there, Airflow continuously developing unique ventilation units and systems that perform every day; including the quietest fan meeting the Building Regulations’ Installed Performance requirements on both speeds, QuietAir. When correctly installed, QuietAir extracts at just 25 dB(A), which is quieter than a human whisper, whilst extracting 21 l/sec; more than the competition. QuietAir’s practically silent performance has been recognised by the Noise Abatement Society who has awarded it the Quiet Mark.

You may recognise Airflow from their extractor fans, but that isn’t the only thing they do. Airflow also offers whole house ventilation systems including MVHR. MVHR essentially is ventilation with heat recovery and means that the heat that is typically lost as part of the normal ventilation process is recovered and kept inside the home. This means that you reduce your energy bills, as you’re spending less time heating your home, whilst supplying high quality, fresh, clean air to your home. MVHR units also come with air filters which help to remove the pollutants from the air which can cause or worsen respiratory issues and in turn can improve your health.

Airflow offers a wide range of modern MVHR units including the Adroit. These units are unique thanks to their triple filter system which prevents even small pollutants such as pollen from entering your home. Adroit units have modern life in mind, as they have four different user profiles, which can be controlled via smart phone, tablet or computer with ease. This means you can adjust your ventilation on the go as well as at home, meaning you’re not over ventilating your home when you’re not in.

You can learn more about Airflow’s products and services on Airflow’s website.