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Clay is a natural product, used for thousands of years and a proven long life. Clay roof tiles have many clear advantages over the far heavier concrete tiles or other synthetic options. Clay tiles are a great balance between quality, longevity, aesthetics and cost over the life time of the building or roof.
Galex Slate and Stone offer two premium quality clay roofing products, the first being CS ( Coelho da Silva ) and the second being Verea ( Ceramica Verea ), both are produced to exacting standards in state of the art modern plants. Both meet and surpass the most stringent freeze thaw testing standards in the industry as well as the relevant European normatives.

Verea is a very cleverly designed clay tile, very light yet as strong as any other on the market thanks to its undulating strengthening ribs on the underside. Verea is absolutely perfect for projects where budgetary constraints influence the eventual product to cover your home, with 12.5 tiles totalling only 36Kg per metre squared this is a clear favourite amongst the more discerning developers opting for clay as opposed to the less durable concrete or synthetic options.

CS is the most versatile clay tile in the market, boasting a choice of 8 colours and 6 finishes and textures as well as the widest range of fittings and accessories that make it the envy of the competition.
Its intricate design permits the use of the CS tiles for roofs with very low pitches from 13 degrees (such as extension roofs) all the way up to vertical cladding / ventilated facades, once again, no other tile in the market comes any where near this performance. Galex can also design a building envelope with this tile, covering your roof and cladding your exterior walls. Contact for more information.

Both ranges are covered by manufacturers guarantees.

Galex Slate and Stone Ltd  are based in Nantwich, Cheshire,  they distribute CS tiles and Verea clay tiles, both of which use state of the art kilns and firing techniques as well as plaster cast molds for greater uniformity and consistency in their tiles. Galex have the widest range of finishes, textures and colours in the industry, as well as the biggest selection of fittings and accessories, an architects dream come true with one product specification yet so many outcomes possible.

Choose from 6 textures and finishes and 8 colours. Ideal for self-build projects and very importantly low angled / pitch roofs such as extensions and conversions.