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CS tiles’ range, (Coelho da Silva clay tiles) has been meticulously designed to resolve a need for roofs with a very low pitch, such as extensions, modern designs with shallow roofs as well as vertical cladding facades for greatly increased thermal and acoustic insulation whilst maintaining a traditional installation, very simple and straight forward. This is probably the only natural clay product one can use as a complete building envelope. Feel free to mix and match textures, finishes and colours.

CS has a long history spanning over 90 years as a leading manufacturer of clay roof tiles and fittings for roof covering and façades. CS has an annual production capacity of 57 million units and is the market leader in Portugal coupled with a very strong international presence in over 30 countries.
CS produces the Plasma tiles in 6 different finishes / textures in 8 different colours along with the widest range of fittings of any manufacturer means simply that we’ve got you covered, as if that wasn’t enough, the Plasma range is suitable for roof pitches from the very low 13degrees right up to vertical facade / cladding. The possibilities are endless including a total building envelope.
CS clay roof tiles a covered by a 35 year guarantee.

Galex Slate and Stone Ltd  are based in Nantwich, Cheshire,  they distribute CS tiles and Verea clay tiles, both of which use state of the art kilns and firing techniques as well as plaster cast molds for greater uniformity and consistency in their tiles. Galex have the widest range of finishes, textures and colours in the industry, as well as the biggest selection of fittings and accessories, an architects dream come true with one product specification yet so many outcomes possible.

Choose from 6 textures and finishes and 8 colours. Ideal for self-build projects and very importantly low angled / pitch roofs such as extensions and conversions.