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Bona Inspiration – why replace wood floors when you can renovate with style!

Discover Bona Inspiration, a new wood floor styling system developed by Swedish wood floor experts, Bona. Each of the 17 Inspiration looks is designed to make a beloved wood floor explode with beauty and character. The customised looks range from Nordic whites, through natural brights to liquorice black. A Bona certified contractor will handle the dust-free sanding and renovation work, and use Bona’s latest surface brushing techniques, colours, oils and lacquers to complete the transformation. You can retain your existing parquet blocks or boards but change the look of a room, or your whole home, by giving them a completely new look and feel. Any repairs can also be undertaken at the same time. From a sustainability perspective it makes sense too – your existing wood floor has already been manufactured and transported. If you’re fitting new boards into a new space, then turn to Bona Inspiration to avoid the limitations of new, pre-finished wood floors or to finish the bare timber.

The new wood floor styles have been developed in collaboration with the internationally recognised trend analyst, Cay Bond, who has more than 30 years’ experience of trends within fashion, design and interiors. She said, “I think the value of the floor is underestimated. Despite being a major part of our interior environment, floors get very little attention. With a cleverly restored floor, a room and a home can change drastically. Personality and culture can be expressed through the choice of flooring. With a variety of inspirational styles, we want to showcase the possibilities and creative solutions for the right ambience. Nowadays, people apply their personality to their home and interior style. A home showcases your personal identity more than anything else. The floor has an incredibly important role to play in this.”

Patrik Mellnert, Product Manager at Bona, added, “We have developed a concept which can create just the right style and effect on a wood floor using our products and techniques. With the right treatment, you can preserve the soul of the floor while producing a whole new look. With Bona’s extensive product range, and the expertise of one of our Bona Certified Contractors, you can make magic from an existing floor in only a few hours.”

The Bona Inspiration palette encompasses a range of interior design styles in which the wooden floors play an important role. Each style comprises a variety of looks for the floor which can be achieved by using a combination of Bona’s sanding and

brushing methods to enhance the wood grain of the wood, waterborne lacquers, low VOC oils and specially developed floor paints. The five styles, Nordic Shimmer, Garden Atmosphere, Malibu Dreams, Touch of Grace and New Modern, include 17 looks including everything from dark, rustic floors to floors with a pale, lacquered finish.

Use Bona’s coffee table quality brochure to help you choose the right style for you and your floor, and for further inspiration about accent colours and accessories to complete the look.

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We can help you find a new look for your wood floors or supply you with products to help you look after them correctly – so they will always look good and will last for generations. Bona was set up in Sweden in 1919 so has nearly 100 years of experience in finishing and maintaining wood floors. The company now operates all over the world.

Our network of Certified Contractors, independent wood flooring specialists based across the UK, can install new wood flooring for you or renovate your existing floors. They all offer our dust-free sanding system and surface brushing techniques and are trained in the use of our waterborne lacquers, oils and floor paints to achieve the look that’s just right for the floors in your home

We can also supply you with the safest, most effective products to keep your wood floors clean and looking as good as new! All our products are developed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. All our cleaning products are Greenguard certified for clean air quality and we were the company that pioneered the use of water based lacquers in the 1970s to replace the old style, unpleasant smelling solvent based formulations!

If you’re looking to renovate an existing, beloved wood floor, check out our Bona Inspiration floor styling system – a palette of 17 looks, from Nordic whites to liquorice black, which have been developed in co-operation with trend analyst, Cay Bond. Each is achieved using our oils and lacquers and has the potential to totally transform the look of an individual room or your entire home – your wood floors will simply explode with beauty and character! Cay said: “Upcycling is the next big thing in the floor world. Bona Inspiration suits this trend perfectly!”

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Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Bona are committed to the whole lifetime of wooden floors. They are devoted to providing solutions that keep a floor perfect during its entire life. Through our long commitment and constant search for innovation they are able to offer lasting, sustainable results for professionals and floor owners. With Bona you can expect a choice that lasts for generations.