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Would you like a build method for your new home that is easy and quick, energy efficient, cost effective and sustainable?

Choose Durisol, the original insulated concrete formwork (ICF), for your self-build project and achieve all the above as well as potentially saving up to 20% on your build costs compared to traditional construction.

Made from recycled wood, Durisol ICF is the simple and sustainable alternative to brick, block and timber-frame construction. Manufactured in the UK, Durisol is the original ICF.

Durisol units are quick and easy to construct making them the ideal option if you’re a self-builder.

The ICF units are supplied pre-insulated and are simply dry stacked together to form the walls and then in-filled with concrete. Construction does not require specialist tradespeople, and unlike polystyrene ICFs, there is no need to prop the walls during construction.

Why choose Durisol?

Minimal lead time

Durisol units are manufactured in South Wales using locally sourced products, so turnaround is quick, usually within six weeks.

Cost effective

Building with Durisol can save up to 20% compared to the cost of building with traditional materials.

Quick and easy to construct

The simple construction method means a 4-bed detached house can be built in just seven days! A Durisol build can continue in all weather, so poor conditions won’t cause any delay.

Superior thermal efficiency

The U-values and PSI values achieved with Durisol exceed UK building regulation requirements and surpass traditional cavity and timber frame construction values.

High acoustic performance

Woodcrete is a sound absorption material creating a very quiet house with reduced echo.

Fire resistance

Woodcrete will not burn due to the mineralisation process during its manufacture. Durisol wall form units have attained European level fire resistance, considerably higher than the UK regulations.


Durisol ICF units use 90% recycled material combined with low-carbon Cenin cement. Regarding resource depletion and carbon costs, the net cost is broadly neutral.

Suited to a range of projects

For over 80 years Durisol units have been successfully used on a wide variety of projects from one-off new house builds to home extensions and basement designs.

An experienced technical team is always on hand to help self-builders through their Durisol build and make sure it all proceeds smoothly.

Free training

For self-builders interested in building with Durisol there are regular free training days throughout the year. These hands-on sessions are designed to give self-builders the confidence to build with Durisol and the chance to discuss their plans with a Durisol expert.

To find out more and see examples of Durisol projects, visit

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Durisol is the safe, reliable alternative to traditional brick, block and timber-frame construction. It is designed to structural masonry code, not mass poured concrete. Its lead time is minimal, with stock available from their site in South Wales quickly and technical staff on hand to train you how to use it.