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Antique Buildings Ltd particular speciality is the supply of ancient oak beams reclaimed from barns and houses that could not be saved in their entirety. Their stock is the best in the country, stored undercover and easily accessibly,  in their 100 x 50 ft barn.

Stock includes oak beams up to 18″ square and 30 ft long, curved braces, rafters and struts, ceiling joists and inglenook beems, as well as all the other constituent parts of an ancient oak building.

The majority of the reclaimed timbers are oak, but they do have some selected pine, elm and chestnut timbers. Antique Buildings Ltd also have a good stock of new, seasoned, oak timbers. Their stocks are immense and they would expect to be able to supply any normal requirement.

Antique Buildings Ltd can also supply beam faces – outside faces of 200-300 year old oak beams. Typically 1″-2″ thick, they are fixed to the face of the wall, and plastered in between, as shown in the adjacent photograph.   These are an ideal way of adding character to plain blockwork walls.

Antique Buildings Ltd was formed some twenty-five years ago by Managing Director, Peter Barker, and is now  the leading company in the UK specialising in ancient oak-framed buildings.

The company is unique in that they are architectural consultants, specialising exclusively in ancient oak-framed buildings – who can supply, from stock, everything from an oak beam to a complete building.

Their yard at Dunsfold, on the Surrey/Sussex border,  holds immense stocks of reclaimed ancient oak beams (all under cover and easily accessible) which have been salvaged from buildings that could not be saved in their entirety.

In addition,  Antique Buildings Ltd have a stock of complete frames of buildings, such as houses, barns, cartsheds, and granaries. All frames have been painstakingly drawn, numbered and photographed, before being carefully dismantled for re-erection.

As well as having the best stock of ancient oak beams in the country,  Antique Buildings Ltd have huge stocks of handmade peg tiles,  handmade bricks, stone, reclaimed floorboards, ironwork and all the other building materials which make up the fabric of an old building.

Whether they supply you with a single oak beam, or a whole building, Antique Buildings Ltd are always pleased to offer our professional advice inclusively as part of their service.

Antique Buildings Ltd find that with about fifty percent of the frames they supply, they are commissioned to either provide a full architectural design and planning service, or to act as consultants to the client’s existing architects or builders, who often have limited experience of this kind of work. With the other fifty percent of frames, their free inclusive consultancy and backup services provide an efficient and cost effective alternative.

In addition to the above, Antique Buildings Ltd are pleased to offer their services as architectural and planning consultants on all aspects relating to the conversion, extension or change of use of ancient buildings, such as redundant barns and groups of farm buildings.

Their planning and architectural consultancy has won many awards for conservation and design, and has carried out projects over the years for various illustrious people such as Paulo Gucci, the designer, David Shepherd, the artist, and Paul McCartney, the musician.

Because of the special nature of each client’s requirements, Antique Buildings Ltd find that initial enquiries are best dealt with by telephone, If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, they would be delighted to hear from you (See the Contact Us page).