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A quick whizz around Europe would give you the impression that the French produce great food, the Swiss are unfailingly efficient, but the Italians take the biscuit for style! Italy still has a host of mattress makers that use tried and tested traditional methods to build sumptuous mattresses made with natural fibres. The craftspeople at Abaca learnt their skill from watching these people at work, and are very proud of their Italian style range. This picture is of the Abaca Nolton mattress, a beautifully hand crafted mattress that is made using organic cotton, organic wool and natural horsehair. Each mattress takes about a week to make because the layers of fibre are carefully hand teased and layered, and the edges are then meticulously hand sewn and side stitched. Hand tufting ensures that the wool and horsehair stays in place.

Horsehair has amazing qualities of elasticity, softness and tensile strength, while wool is unsurpassed in providing breathability, so this mattress will give you the perfect night’s sleep.

To ensure that the Nolton has the longest possible life, Abaca offer a maintenance service … just as the Italians do! After a number of years the fibre will need to be re-carded and some new wool and horsehair added. For this they charge 20% of the purchase price which is inclusive of picking the mattress up and re-delivering it. To all intents and purposes you get a new mattress every time this is done, so this could truly be said to be a mattress for life.

Abaca is a unique mattress making business based in the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire. They are unique because everything they make is produced using organic materials, and all mattresses are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by the Soil Association.

Some fifteen years ago Abaca founder, Rhiannon Rowley, worked with the Soil Association as a pilot project to see whether it would be possible to produce a mattress that was fully organic. The answer, after three years, was yes! Abaca was launched in 2004, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So why is organic an important choice for your bedroom? Well, we spend more of our time on a mattress than we do in any other single place. A third of our lives are spent in bed, and we are at our most vulnerable while we’re asleep. An organic mattress doesn’t introduce any unwanted chemicals into your bedroom. It is common for conventional cotton to contain herbicide and pesticide residues, and for wool to be treated with all sorts of chemicals. With an organic mattress you just get pure, natural materials.