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Storm Dry is a deeply penetrating water-repellent cream for the protection of masonry. It prevents rain penetration into masonry materials by lining their pores rather than blocking them – allowing the masonry to continue to breathe naturally. Unlike waterproof paints or waterproof coatings, Storm Dry retains the natural finish of the masonry so is particularly suited for application to brickwork or stonework.

Storm Dry masonry protection cream is applied to masonry in a single coat by means of brush, roller, or spray. Once applied, it penetrates deeply into the masonry before curing to form a colourless, breathable water repellent barrier.

Life Expectancy

Weatherproof UK's product has a high life expectancy, due to being able to penetrate more deeply into the bricks and mortar, sealing from deep within. This means that unlike thinner materials, the coating will not be effected if the masonry erodes over time. This leaves you with a high level of protection, usually for as long a period as around thirty years.