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44 Kings Road

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Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.
There is something solidly beautiful about old furniture. These are pieces that have stood the test of time, that carry their wounds with loving pride and echo with the passions of lives lived. Steele & Cox fabulous furniture was born out of a deep respect for these often damaged, neglected and forgotten pieces and a frustration with the flimsy reproductions masquerading as the real thing. They started re-working old furniture because we loved it and shared a sense of style and a gut feeling of how to get the best out of an authentic piece. Choosing the right materials, finishes and colours is all part of the excitement, incorporating the beauty of the natural woods within each piece is all part of their individual style. They use a variety of eco-friendly paints from chalk to acrylic, and each piece is finished using different waxes and varnishes for style and durability.