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The systems Schueco produce for the residential market are only one part of their business. Founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in 1951, Schueco are a global company responsible for the aluminium façades, windows and doors on many of the world’s most prestigious buildings.

Schueco are proud of their reputation for unrivalled engineering, system design and customer service that has made them the company of choice for top architects and designers the world over.

You’ll find these same qualities in The Schueco Contemporary Living Collection, a range of highly insulated systems designed specifically for domestic homes. That’s because, whatever the size of the project, Schueco devote the same care and attention to ensuring their products fully satisfy the demands of their customers.

Doors that open easily; windows that shut tightly; façades that take your breath away. And being aluminium they’ll never need painting, only minimal maintenance – and eventually, at the end of their long, long life, they can be completely recycled.

It’s a responsible attitude from a responsible company that cares about our shared future.

For German engineering made in Britain, there’s only one name.

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