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We are passionate about producing premium handmade clay products, which exceed expectations of both the industry and our customers. This goal is achieved through stringent in-house quality control at all levels, as well as continuous external independent testing.

Clay… this elementary art material is the very essence of our business, so we take good care of our own quarry – excavating the premium clay with care and preparing it the old traditional way.

Every Brookhurst tile or facing brick is a piece of clay art – suitable for a wide selection of projects ranging from roofs on priceless historical buildings, to unique works of contemporary architectural design. Testimonials from customers across the globe reflect just how meticulous we are in maintaining quality and our philosophy.

The carefully prepared clay, is cut, shaped and then sculpted by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. In fact, we have a very hands-on approach to all our products in every phase of the production process – even the packaging is done by hand.

Our clay art is fired slowly in our famous Hoffman kilns for more than six days then cooled under dual precision temperature monitoring. Brookhurst tiles & bricks are tested with the latest scientific methods, inspected and stamped with the moulder identity.

Galleon Wharf
Old Wolverton Road
(Next to Galleon Public House & Grand Union Canal)
Old Wolverton
Milton Keynes
MK12 5NL

01908 311 411