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ROCK Furniture – Who Are we?

ROCK Furniture is a luxury wardrobe subcontractor. We pride ourself on our bespoke service and not necessarily our bespoke design, as this is much for cost effective for business to business clients and projects.

Our goal as a company is to “open the doors” to the premium wardrobe market by offering innovative ways of working with high and low budgets.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of hinged wardrobe doors using a variety of suppliers to achieve this. We have invested in developing a wide array of different designs to suit different project setting and client design briefs. From our Edwardian door to our Bubble we have installed wardrobes in traditional, country and contemporary homes.

Our Service

We offer our clients a variety of options that lead to reaching your project targets such as design, timeframe and budget!

  1. The ability to purchase “just wardrobe doors” at both primed and painted finishes.
  2. Our “supply only” has speed and budget advantages. We deliver the wardrobe flat packed and ready to install.
  3. The “Full installation” service is we take care of the entire process from factory to the final coat of paint.

The “bespoke design” service is that something special. A one off wardrobe design.

ROCK Furniture LTD