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Midori Green Technologies is a concern of S3S Lighting from Guli Illumination, one of the largest suppliers of Branded & OEM LED Lighting products in Europe & Asia – and the fastest growing in the world!

The ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company has won the Excellence Award 2013 & numerous patents for product innovation, power efficiency & green designs. Established in Madrid (Spain) in 2005, S3S Lighting from Guli Illumination presently has 72 advanced robotics based manufacturing plants in China.

 Whilst LED is the future of lighting, SLED takes LED another step forward! When compared to traditional tube lights and energy bulbs – SLED will ensure customers are always the clear winners! Alongside the huge savings on electricity bills, long life value, extraordinary efficiency and the numerous green standards set, Midori Green Technologies ensure they provide truly advanced & superior quality products that are bright, beautiful & safe.  

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