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Landmarks (UK) Ltd is one of ten carefully selected Authorized Distributors for NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) in the UK.

For over fifteen years, this award winning company has met the needs of the discerning purchaser who wants an exclusive property that will last a lifetime; with a unique focus on quality, innovation and attention to detail.

Landmarks enjoys a prestigious reputation with homeowners, specifiers and architects who are at the leading edge in modern methods of construction and appreciate the measureable benefits that ICF delivers.

It chooses to build homes using the world’s leading ICF brand NUDURA. Over the past 15 years, Landmarks has built many prestigious properties in the North and the Midlands using NUDURA’s latest technologies to deliver on flexibility of design, speed of build, energy efficiency, occupier comfort, acoustic performance and resistance to fire and disaster.

Landmarks’ director Jon Rowlands says: “Working closely with architects, suppliers, trade bodies and our clients, Landmarks believes it sets the standards that others follow. We pay close attention to the detail of the functional, aesthetic and environmental aspects of a home’s design. We employ some of the finest craftsmen and supervisory management, so that all of our projects meet exacting standards and the highest quality of design and build”

Landmarks ICF
Riverhead Barn
DN21 4QZ

01652 640001