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IBD Distribution is a leader in the market for renewable energy based heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The company’s comprehensive product range covers the complete spectrum from Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, including Hybrid, though to Biomass, Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Underfloor Heating, Small Duct HVAC Systems and Air Conditioning. Comprehensive services are available that include both the  RHI and Microgeneration Certification Schemes.

With its team of experienced engineers, system designers as well as sales and marketing personnel, IBD understands how to correctly specify and successfully implement complete renewable solutions. These will meet the objectives of any residential or commercial end user or installer in the new build and renovation sectors.

IBD is a Daikin UK Specialist Renewable Distributor and a member of the Renewable Energy Association, complying with the REAL Assurance Scheme consumer code. The company carries endorsements by Corgi for Heating, Ventilation and Electrical installation work as well as having BPEC approval for Solar Thermal and Heat Recovery Ventilation system design and installation. IBD Microgeneration Certification Scheme approval is COR/183.

IBD’s HQ and design office is fully equipped with state of the art AutoCAD work stations, wide format printers and the latest  design software packages to create fully customised renewable system designs that integrate all suitable technologies for maximum energy efficiency and ensure a quality service throughout a customer’s project.

Unit 11,
Enterprise Park,
Black Moor Road,
Ebblake Industrial Estate,
BH31 6YS

+44 (0) 1202 825682

Proud to be exhibiting at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Never before has the heating industry had such an opportunity driven by the economics of the oil and gas industry, political and regulatory pressures as well a heightened social conscience for reducing our CO2 emissions.

Their professional team comprises experienced technicians, system designers, sales and marketing personnel with many years experience in the industry. They understand how to correctly specify and successfully implement complete solutions that will meet the objective of the client. All of their installers are not only experienced fitters and engineers but have undergone appropriate Daikin training courses.