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Most Leaks happen at the back of the shower tray or through the grout. Envirotec Bathing‘s Shower Enclosure has no joins at the back of the tray as the walls are integrated into the design at the mould stage, so… THERE’S NOWHERE TO LEAK!

The concept has been used extensively around the world, especially in the US. Envirotec have redesigned it and brought it to the European market with sizes and shapes specifically designed for this market. The product is now manufactured in the UK and set to all UK and European standards. The craftsmen in Envirotec’s factory have many years of experience in the industry.

They have designed the products specifically for the modern luxury bathroom; they are simple to install and require minimum maintenance.

The antibacterial finish on our units means that they are very low maintenance; they don’t gather soap scum or mould. This is why Envirotec’s units are so popular with student accommodation, hotels and private landlords.

Every bathroom can benefit from Envirotec Bathing!

Materials used are similar to those used in Ocean-Going yachts and will give a lifetime of trouble-free usage.

There is a range of designs, sizes and colours to suit every bathroom suite.

Envirotec Bathing Ltd,
Britannia Way Industrial Park,
Union Road,

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