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Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Matched to any paint range, colour swatch or sample to suit your decor perfectly and made to measure to fit your space exactly. Glass splashbacks are an affordable, luxury wall covering to protect your kitchen and bathroom walls from moisture. Coloured glass walls can blend into your room or indeed be it’s most striking feature.

Digitally Printed Glass Splashbacks

Not everything in the home needs to be boring and functional. Printed glass splashbacks open up a huge range of design possibilities. Watercolour prints with the appearance of the canvas itself, your own photograph, designs, patterns, sayings and views. Just some of the things that can be perfectly protected on the rear of a piece of bespoke glass.

Mirror splashbacks

Add light and create the perception of extra space in your home with a mirror splashback. Made from toughened glass and heat resistant to well over 200C, mirror splashbacks are perfectly safe and suitable for any room of your home- even behind your kitchen hob. DIY Splashbacks make mirror splashbacks that can come in four different colours/finishes. Silver, Grey, Bronze and Matte.

Acrylic Splashbacks

As with glass splashbacks, acrylic splashbacks can be colour matched to any paint range and printed with any image. One benefit of an acrylic splashback panel is that they may be cut with traditional hand and power tools allowing them to installed by most tradesmen and competent DIY’ers. Acrylic splashbacks are not very suitable behind a kitchen hob of course. Why not combine a glass splashback behind a hob with acrylic paneling on the rest of the kitchen walls, all painted the same colour or printed the same design? Heat resistant where it matters and very easily measured and cut for everywhere else on site. Truly a product pairing that epitomises DIY Splashbacks.

Glass table tops and furniture protection

Protect your furniture and decorate your room at the same time with a bespoke glass furniture protector or table top. Like glass splashbacks they can  be colour matched to any paint range or colour swatch and printed with any design or image. Made from toughened glass with polished edges and available in a number of thicknesses. Coordinating, practical and most importantly safe.

Tailor made solutions and commissions

Looking for something special? With all the resources to make beautiful, bespoke glass panels combined with a growing number of artists on file; kitchen and bathroom walls that were once the most difficult to maintain can become one of a kind surfaces that adorn your walls and protect them.

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Experts on all aspects of measuring, fitting or organising measuring and fitting are available to answer any questions via email, phone or live chat.

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