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DJM Exteriors have been installing External Wall Insulation (EWI) for over 20 years. They have undertaken work throughout the UK. The work includes several high profile projects such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital, The Fort Dunlop Travel Lodge just off the M6 and The Mailbox Retail Arena in Central Birmingham.

Having worked extensively in this sector, DJM have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skill that has been frequently called upon throughout the industry.

DJM has always provided competitive quotes for Domestic energy savings projects.

From 2014 DJM is an Approved Green Deal Installer, supporting Domestic property owners through obtaining Government finance and providing high quality work.

The core service provided by DJM is high quality rendering. However when they undertake a survey, of any property for a no-obligation quote, they always pay attention to the entire state of the property as it may well be that the owner may find it convenient or appropriate to attend to other aspects of the building at the time of the work. The services are as follows.
  • External Wall Insulation – Cladding the outside of the building in a layer of insulating material with adjustments for windows, doors and pipework.
  • Rendering – Covering the outside of the building in a high quality, self coloured water repellent resin layer to provide maximum, maintenance free protection against water and the elements.
  • Cladding – Providing panels and structures of complimentary resin textures and materials such as wood to enhance features of the building.
  • Brick Render – Retain the visual effect of a brick wall with all the advantages provided by the high quality self coloured water repellent resin used for Rendering.
  • Brick Slips – Add or retain the appearance of stone lintels and corner stones with custom made resin stones in complimentary colours to enhance the external appearance and retain the protection provided by Rendering.
  • Traditional pebble dash – Although the demand for this is declining in favour of modern maintenance free resin based Render, this service is still available.

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