12 Amazing Self Builds Featuring Structural Insulated Panels

Contemporary SIPs self build by Mark Brinkley
(Image credit: Matthew Smith)

A popular choice for self-builders due to their inherent strength and energy-efficiency, structural insulated panels (commonly known as SIPs) can be utilised for houses of all different shapes, sizes and styles. 

Made by sandwiching insulation between two sheets of oriented strand board (OSB), they offer great U Values and excellent airtightness while offering quick construction times.

Take a look below at some of out favourite projects that have been built using SIPs, including build costs and information on the project. 

1. A Cantilevered Self Build in Scotland

SIPs selfbuild

(Image credit: SIPS@clays)

A Kingspan TEK Building System (supplied by SIPS@Clays) was chosen for the shell of this cantilevered home due to its composite structure ideal for bearing weight. 

The self build features double-height interior spaces and came in at just £500 of the original budget thanks to the fast build times

  • Location: Stirling, Scotland
  • Build cost: Unknown

2. A Low-cost Passivhaus Built with SIPs

SIPs selfbuild

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Homeowner Elizabeth Sharpe chose SIPs to build her Passivhaus which also features both quadruple and triple glazing, high levels of airtightness and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system. 

  • Location: London
  • Build cost: £245,000

3. A Traditional Oak Farmhouse on Greenbelt Countryside

self build

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Ali and Jon Goodwin built their new farmhouse (by Border Oak) to be a working expansion of their family farm in Herefordshire. 

They chose to adapt on of Border Oak's Manor House designs as a complete package build. 

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  • Location: Herefordshire
  • Build cost: 450,000

4. An Urban Home on a Tight Plot

Contemporary SIPs self build by Mark Brinkley

(Image credit: Matthew Smith)

Due to the small plot size close to the Cambridge city centre, Mark and Mandy Brinkley chose SIPs for their new home. 

An off-site construction by Potton reduced the traffic on site. 

  • Location: Cambridge
  • Build cost: £410,000

5. A Contemporary Kit Home Built on a Budget

Self build in SIPS

(Image credit: David Barbour)

Caber House's pre-designed Type C kit home was perfect for Paula Harte's tight budget. 

After working with Architeco for a few tweaks to get the design perfect for her lifestyle, Paula now resides in the modern and efficient home. 

  • Location: Elgin, Scotland
  • Build cost: £220,000

6. An Energy-efficient Barn Style Home

A Barn Style SIPs Home

(Image credit: Keith Hunter c/o Allan Corfield Architects)

Homeowner Colin Amor chose to build his barn-style home using SIPs to make his home as airtight and energy efficient as possible.

  • Location: Stirling, Scotland
  • Build cost: £474,000 (£1,185/m²)

7. Contemporary-style Oak Frame Home

SIPs and Oak Frame Home

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

After struggling to find a suitable home when wanting to downsize, Sue Crowe opted for self build. Her contemporary oak frame home features structural insulated panels which were erected quickly and offered remarkable U-values at a reasonable cost.

  • Location: Suffolk
  • Build cost: £301,000 (£1,881/m²)

8. Characterful Oak Frame Cottage

Oak Frame and SIPs Cottage

(Image credit: Jamie Mason)

Rebecca and Matthew Stenson’s oak frame self build has been clad using SIPs and finished externally with a traditional lime render, proving that an understated cottage style can be achieved on a modest budget.

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  • Location: Cambridgeshire
  • Build cost: £200,000 (£909/m²)

9. An Unusual SIPs Home

An unusual SIPs home in a Manchester suburb featuring a steep-pitched roof, basement and large decked area.

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Isobel Heyworth’s self-designed home has been constructed using SIPs and is considered a benchmark for new houses in her Manchester suburb.

  • Location: Manchester
  • Build cost: Undisclosed

10. A South-facing Cornish Self Build

A SIPs self-build home in Cornwall that takes full advantage of its stunning, south facing plot

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

Beccy and Steve Kestin have built an energy-efficient home, choosing SIPs for their fast construction time and airtightness. Despite its extensive use of glazing, the property is superbly insulated thanks to the SIPs.

  • Location: Cornwall
  • Build cost: £360,000 (£1,333/m²)

11. Timber Clad Oak Frame Home

Energy Efficient Timber Clad Home

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

First-time self builders Caroline and Julian Owen encased the walls of their oak frame self build in SIPs to satisfy their desire for an energy-efficient home.

  • Location: Cambridgeshire
  • Build cost: £941,000 (£2,476/m²)

12. Striking Riverside Self Build

An Amazing Riverside Self Build on a Brownfield Plot

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Stephen Yeomans has incorporate SIPs into his head-turner of a self build. The panels were used for the roof and first floor walls, which were then wrapped in an expanded corten steel mesh.

  • Location: Lewes, East Sussex
  • Build cost: £850,000
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