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The range of wine cabinets from Wine Corner mean that whatever your storage requirements, there will be a wine cabinet to suit your needs.

Their wine cabinets are available in a variety of sizes storing from 18 bottles all the way up to 552 bottles. All wine cabinets are either Mono, Dual or Multi temperature and may have a temperature difference of +3 or -3ºC between the top and bottom of the cabinet; providing optimum wine storage facilities.

Wooden Wine Cabinets

For a unique, stylish and classic look, Wine Corner also offers wooden and wood panel wine cabinets that can store up to 552 bottles. Their Wooden and Wood Panel Wine Cabinets come in a variety of woods and can be finished with a matt lacquer in the RAL colour of your choice.

Metal Wine Cabinets

With over 50 metal wine cabinets to choose from, their metal wine cabinets include freestanding and integrated models, with option of having a framed or enamelled solid door, storing from 18 bottles up to 276 bottles. Cabinets come with various shelf options; standard, wooden and sliding shelves.

Integrated Wine Cabinets

Wine Corner integrated wine cabinets are especially designed to be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment and are ideal for kitchens. They offer a variety of cabinet styles including their CI140 which allows the addition of unique kitchen panels to the door for the ultimate integration. The integrated wine cabinets are popular and offer a unique option to store your wine and save space. The cabinets are easy to use and come with variety of different shelving options, door frame finishes and sizes.

So when you are designing your kitchen, don’t forget to incorporate a Wine Corner wine cabinet.

When it comes to wine cabinets, Wine Corner offers one of the largest ranges of quality wine cabinets in the UK. Their expertise in refrigeration as well as their love of wine ensures they provide wine cabinets that store your wine perfectly.

Wine Corner Ltd specialises in Wine Cellar Design and Build, market leading Wine Cellar Conditioning Units, Wine Cabinets, Wine Walls, Wine Racking and Wine Dispensing & Preservation Systems.

Wine Corner offer a range of products suitable for self-build projects. They can help you add that all important wine cellar to your new home or as part of the renovation of your existing home. Wine cabinets can also be incorporated into your kitchen design whilst Wine Walls offer an innovative alternative to the traditional wine cabinet.

All wine lovers know that wine is fragile. It needs careful attention and storage to reach its full potential. However, the conditions that are conducive to this seldom exist in the cellars of an old house, let alone the modern home where the traditional cellar does not exist. Wine Corner offer various solutions to this problem. No matter how large your wine collection might be Wine Corner will have a solution for you.

Wine Storage Solutions From Wine Corner

Wine Cellars – Bespoke Wine Cellars to Meet Your Requirements

Wine Corner can design and build the perfect wine cellar for you and your wine collection. Their wine cellars come with digital control panels to ensure the cellar is maintaining the correct temperature and they ensure your wine rests on rubber shock absorbers to minimise any vibration effects on the wine. Alongside the constant temperature maintenance of the cellar, Wine Corner also provides humidity control; maintaining your wine cellar or wine room at the ideal level of 60-80% humidity.

Wine Cabinets – Integrated Wine Cabinets to Fit Neatly into Your Home

Wine Corner wine cabinets are especially designed to be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. They offer a range of styles including their Integrated Wine Cabinet CI140 which allows the addition of your kitchen panels to the door for the ultimate integration. The wine cabinets are available in a variety of sizes storing from 18 bottles all the way up to 552 bottles, as well as in a variety of finishes.

Wine Walls – Freestanding, Stylish Wine Walls to Display and Preserve Your Wine

The elegant Wine Walls allow you to showcase and store your wine in a stylish, yet convenient, fashion. The Wine Walls can come with a back panel, for placement against the wall, or with clear doors either side enabling a feature piece within a room or for use as a form of partitioning in an open plan area. If you are looking for the perfect feature piece for a room as well as the perfect storage conditions for your wine then a Wine Wall is perfect for you.

Wine Corner’s commitment to continual product development ensures that they always provide their customers with a wide range of products that offer optimum levels of performance and reliability. If you love products that are innovative and unique, like the Corner Fridge, then you’ll love the other products available from The Corner Fridge Company. Please visit