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The Warmup Bathroom Collection combines cutting-edge technology with classic British design to create stylish bathrooms where wellbeing and comfort takes precedence. Due to their limited space and tiled floor and wall finishes, bathrooms are the perfect room in the home to heat with Warmup’s underfloor heating systems and range of bathroom accessories.

Warmup’s collection of Heated Towel Rails offer stylish, practical design at an accessible price point. Made from high-quality stainless steel and utilising Warmup’s renowned electric heating wire technology to gently warm bathroom towels to an optimal temperature, a Warmup Heated Towel Rail is suitable for all bathroom design themes and available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. For smaller bathrooms, a Single-Bar Heated Towel Rail is a great choice, or more than one can be installed to make a style statement. Multi-Bar Heated Towel Rails are perfect for larger bathrooms or households with many members, providing great functionality with beautiful design.

A Warmup Mirror Demister ensures that bathroom mirrors are always free from steam after a hot bath or shower. Mirror Demisters are slim electric mats that attach to the back of a new or existing mirror and are easy to install and effortless to control and are available in arrange of styles and sizes.

The Warmup StickyMat 3D wall heating system is ideal for heating smaller bathrooms where floor space is limited and offers the luxurious experience of a heated walk-in shower. The wall heater gently warms cold bathroom wall tiles and takes the form of an electric heating mat with a self-adhesive backing that is easy to attach to the wall by a qualified engineer. It can also prevent condensation from forming on bathroom walls, keeping the room drier and fresher.

Bathroom Collection

Warmup is the world’s best-selling underfloor heating brand. Now celebrating their 25th year of bringing energy-efficient, radiant warmth to homes around the world, Warmup’s range of electric and water floor heating systems and heating controllers are trusted for their high-quality British design, ease of installation and renowned warranties.

Warmup’s market-leading position is due their superior product quality, with all heating systems manufactured to the highest standards with rigorous quality control. Warmup are committed to a research and development led approach to product design and innovation, continually developing their existing product range whilst working on new forward-thinking heating solutions and their wide range of floor heaters and heating controllers are European compliant, CE marked and accredited by more independent institutions than anyone else in the industry. This technical expertise with Warmup’s two international centres of research and their 24/7, 365 days a year after-sales customer support offer true peace of mind. All Warmup products also feature comprehensive warranties and installation guarantees, including their ‘SafetyNet’ guarantee which protects installers in case of accidental damage to a heating system during installation.

Warmup’s range of indoor and outdoor underfloor heating systems, advanced heating controllers and bathroom accessories has garnered a loyal following by installers, architects and end-users and their heating solutions can be found in over 2.5 million projects across the world. Their underfloor heating systems can be installed with almost all floor finishes and are ideal for both renovation and new-build projects and with their Global Projects Division, Warmup is unique in the industry in not just supplying an underfloor heating system but supporting the project from the initial design stage, right through to the final installation and ensuring a timely project delivery.

Warmup’s philosophy of creating cleaner, more energy-efficient heating systems to heat the homes of today and tomorrow leads to a greener, more sustainable future and their continued innovation has helped Warmup grow into a truly global company providing heating solutions across a wide range of countries.