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What could be more welcoming after a long walk on a cold and frosty day, than an efficient stove burning brightly and a basket of muffins ready to toast.

The Clearview Vision 500 was the first multi-fuel stove approved for burning wood and authorised fuel in UK smoke control areas.Its unmistakable classic Clearview design makes it suitable for almost every situation.

It has a large single door for an uninterrupted view of the fire, a deep firebox taking 15″ logs with ease, integral multi-fuel grate and the flat top version has a good surface for a coffee pot, kettle and cooking.

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All of our energy and passion goes into producing this one exceptional, environmentally friendly product.

An outstanding combination of state of the art engineering, clean burning efficiency and beautiful design. Heat and efficiency may be the most important considerations, but a view of the fire must follow closely, and all Clearview Stoves have been designed with exceptionally large strong glass windows that give an excellent view of the fire.

Unlike conventional stoves, the Clearview air distribution system means hours of clear fire viewing, without sooting or tarring of the stove windows.

The best way to discover for yourself what makes them so special, is to visit a showroom, see them burning and experience first hand their benefits and pleasures. Then you will understand why people say “there is no better stove than a Clearview.”

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