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Thermal store cylinders provide mains pressure hot water for baths and showers as well as acting as a heating buffer to allow the integration of multiple heat sources into a single heating and hot water system.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrate multiple heat sources
  • Provides mains pressure hot water
  • Dedicated heating system buffer
  • Simplified installation and conrol

Why use a thermal store?

Alternative heat sources such as solar thermal and wood burning stoves are typically uncontrollable sources of heat, often providing more than enough to meet requirements when they are active but operating intermittantly, meaning they can be inactive when there is a demand for heat or active when there is no heat demand. Thermal store cylinders help solve this issue by safely storing heat as it is generated, allowing it to be used for space heating and/or mains pressure hot water production later on.

In addition to storing heat from intermittant heat sources, thermal store cylinders also simplify the connection of multiple heat sources to your heating system, making it easier to install, configure and operate.

Heat source options

Thermal stores with underfloor heating

Whilst they can be used with radiator systems, thermal stores are particularly useful when connected to an underfloor heating system. Their heating buffer allows the small, infrequent heat demands of a house that is up to temperature to be met without turning the main boiler or heat pump on intermittantly to provide small amounts of heat. This reduces waseful on/off cycling of the heat source for reduced running costs and increased lifespan.

Our thermal store systems

Chelmer have over 15 years experience designing thermal store cylinders. We’ve used this expertise to produce our latest range of Ecocat thermal store cylinders, designed from the ground up to integrate boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal and wood burning stoves.

For larger integrated systems, our dual cylinder systems combine a thermal buffer store with a mains pressure hot water cylinder for increased storage capacity.

Complete system packages

At Chelmer, we can provide a complete heating package tailored for your project, including full system plumbing and wiring diagrams, step-by-step manuals and free technical support for installers. In addition, all our thermal store systems are covered by our insurance backed system design guarantee for coimplete peace of mind.

Our range of underfloor heating, radiator and towel rail kits, boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal, wood burning stove connection options, water treatment and central and remote control systems have all been designed to work seamlessly in order to deliver a system that is both easy to use and economical to run.

Free quotations

Looking for a thermal store system cost price for your project? Complete our online form here to receive a free, no obligation system quote.

Chelmer Heating have been providing complete renewable heating and hot water solutions to home builders and installers for over 20 years.

They use products from their extensive portfolio of thermal stores, underfloor heating, heat pumps, boilers and solar thermal collectors to design and supply integrated systems tailored to each of their customers’ individual requirements.

Their unique range of high-performance thermal store cylinders, which includes their Chelmer Ecocat thermal store cylinder, have been designed to seamlessly integrate multiple heat inputs, such as a boiler, solar and a wood burning stove, into a single, renewable heating and hot water solution.

All their system packages include bespoke system designs, comprehensive manuals and free technical assistance for installers, as well as being covered by an insurance-backed design guarantee.

Chelmer Heating’s service

Chelmer aspire to provide you with an integrated heating solution by striking the fine balance between comfort, efficiency, performance and ease of use. They take a realistic approach to system design to create a system that suits your particular needs whilst minimising running costs and payback times.

Chelmer Heating’s systems

All their systems are built from selected, quality components, designed and tested to operate seamlessly together an efficient, high-performance system, tailored to suit your project’s individual requirements.

Your choice

From conventional boiler and radiator systems to renewable heat sources and underfloor heating you can control remotely, their unrivalled choice of heat source, heating and control options allows them to design an integrated heating system that is right for you.

Get Paid for Heating Your Home

Chelmer Heating’s heat pump, biomass and solar thermal products are all certified for use with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Grant Schemes.