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Levato Mono Porcelain Paver system from The Deck Tile Co. –  as recently installed at the new ‘superpub’ from JD Wetherspoon, Ramsgate.

The vast 750m2 wrap-around terrace has been covered with the Timeless range of timber effect porcelain ‘planks’, a most complimentary finish blending in with the coastal location and it’s wonderful sea view.

The pre-installation support of the team at The Deck Tile Co. and the preparatory work involved was an essential part of this project and has resulted in an excellent finished result. With hurdles to overcome, such as multiple falls, facilitating the erection of signage struts and large static planters, the paver system has, due to it’s flexibility, meant that the terrace expanse was completed in under three weeks. The use of the unique slope correcting/height adjustable pedestals and retention system has enabled the creation of a stable, raised access ‘deck’ and when combined with the 20mm porcelain pavers –  offers the user fine quality external flooring, with low level on-going maintenance costs and high slip resistance – to name just two of the key benefits of the Levato Mono Porcelain Paver System.

With all the benefits 20mm porcelain and the supports system has to offer, Levato Mono is the ideal product for exterior projects, both residential and commercial alike.

  • 20mm Porcelain pavers; 40×80 45×90 60×60 75×75 30×120 40×120 60×120.
  • ‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes.
  • Eternal product – zero maintenance required, offering massive over-life savings.
  • Highly abrasion and stain resistant.
  • Highly slip resistant; R11 AB&C.
  • Lightweight – 45kgs per m2.
  • High load bearing and impact resistance.
  • Timber & stone effects; 40+ finishes available.
  • Completely non-porous.
  • Frost proof.

Available in 150+ colours in both ultra-realistic timber, stone and cementitious effects. Combining 3D printing (with up to 30 prints available) and mould making technology produces identical copies of the original materials, once laid the eye is unable to discern any replicated pattern allowing for a completely natural looking surface. Recently specified for external dining areas at various JD Wetherspoon establishments, London Zoo, Jamie’s Italian Brighton, Bristol Airport East terminal extension, and the new Portico Terrace at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, where Levato Mono sandstone effect paver ranges were considered so similar to natural sandstone material that is was sanctioned for use on a Grade I listed building by English Heritage.

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The Deck Tile Co. specialize in exterior flooring solutions for balconies, roof terraces, patios, walkways and swimming pool areas. Their products are designed for fast cost effective installation over most surfaces; including single ply waterproof membranes, roofing felt and other delicate waterproofing systems.

The Levato range of Architectural Porcelain Stoneware Paver products offers raised flooring solutions for both commercial and residential applications and can even be installed over compacted aggregates; achieving perfectly level floor surfaces regardless of the subsurface.

The Levato Pedestal range of Fixed Head and Self Levelling pedestals are standalone products able to work with all pavers.

EcoMat protection/underlay, the EcoMat products offer solutions for the protection of waterproof membranes; a porous recycled rubber product that is simply rolled out and cut to size.

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