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Climate change, population and urban growth have all contributed to stresses in the UK water infrastructure. The result has lead to both shortages of supply and severe flooding.

Since 2008 Rainwater Harvesting Ltd has been developing systems to reuse rainwater within the domestic environment. There is no requirement to flush toilets with drinking quality water and it doesn’t make any sense to continue to do so.

Over the past year the engineers and designers have focused on an Integrated Water Management System.
RainActiv combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting for non-potable applications with controlled release of attenuated water into the network. Dual functionality to maintain supply and a SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) solution for the future.

The concept is simple but the design is innovative. The outcome is an effective, affordable decentralised water management system.

How Does RainActiv Achieve This?

Rainwater is collected off the roof, filtered and stored in an underground tank. Without light or temperature variance’s the water stays cool and fresh. It is then pumped back into the house for toilets, washing machines and outside use.

Should the rainwater become critically low RainActiv incorporates a WRAS approved mains back up system. They are designed to be simple to install and operate. Both direct and gravity fed options are available.

The harvesting tank has a calculated capacity which allows water to be stored for both non-potable applications and further volume for excess storm water.
The upper volume is the RainActiv Attenuation Capacity Element(ACE). This is calculated assuming that the rainwater storage is full.
The engineering team use sophisticated software to ensure that critical storm duration criteria are met for each individual site. At the ACE level the water is directed to the overflow at a controlled rate and therefore prevents overloading the draining system.

RainActiv-Filtration Unit

Thinking Inside The Box- Harvest,Hold and Controlled Release

• Unique C-Shape design yields 98% volume of water during intense rainfalls.

• Designed for shallow dig underground rainwater harvesting tanks and other above ground applications..

• Low maintenance and self-cleaning filter.

Upper Filtration Chamber

Rainwater enters the filtration chamber via standard roof guttering and downpipes. The water is directed over the tongue and filtered of particulate by a simple mesh. During light showers water flows into the harvesting tank. During heavy storms the flow hits the back of the chamber and decelerates the water allowing a maximum yield of 98%. In intense storm conditions excess water is released into the harvesting tank by the storm relief ducts.

RainActiv-Lower SuDS Chamber

In normal usage a minimum amount of water containing particulate enters the downpipe to the main drain or soakaway.

Rainwater fills the lower volume of the harvesting tank and this is available to be used inside the home. During storm conditions the tank will continue to fill the Attenuation Capacity Element (ACE) upper portion.When water reaches the ACE level water will begin to discharge at a calculated trickle rate passively. It is released by the SuDS control valve.

A non-return valve prevents back flow from the drainage network.

RainVantage provides a high yield and trickle rate discharge of roof rainwater which helps prevent overwhelming of the drainage network.

Rainwater can be used for toilets, washing machines and any outside use. This can be a saving of 50% on mains water and so a significant contribution to a sustainable water supply.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd designs and manufactures systems within the UK. The company is one of the largest suppliers of rainwater equipment serviced from its 60,000 ft warehouse. Systems are designed to be simple to install and technical support is available.

Their WRAS approved flagship Rain Director gravity fed system has won multiple awards for its innovative design. A range of different sized tanks are stocked suitable for any home. Rainwater Harvesting Ltd also supply attenuation crates suitable efficient soakaways and SUDS. They are members of the United Kingdom RainWater Harvesting Association.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. RainWaterHarvesting are designers, manufacturers and retailers of rainwater harvesting equipment. They build systems for home owners, builders and developers and represent the most influential European manufacturers.