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Delivering radiant heat of 9kW, and an efficiency of up to 75% the Studio Duplex wood burning is the first double-sided inset wood burning fire to be introduced into the Studio range. It has style and ultimate versatility as different frames can be installed on both sides for two different looks to match each room independently. 

There are a plethora of frames which fit this Studio Duplex, from the Edge kit for clean edges and a minimalistic look, all the way to a Glass frame for a reflective surface and crisp lines that draws much attention to the beautiful fire. The Duplex also benefits from the optional Sealed Air System from Stovax, to eliminate much of the drafts from within the rooms. 

This beautiful wood burner, also comes in a gas model which delivers a great heat output, and the same styling options as the wood burning fire. 

The Stovax & Gaxco Heating Group has developed and designed high quality wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires, and fireplaces for over 35 years. Based in Exeter, the Stovax group is one of the UK’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers and distributors, exporting their products to over 50 countries worldwide.

After it was established in 1981, Stovax Ltd became a market leader in the heating industry, beginning with a range of wood burning stoves and fireside accessories manufactured in the UK. Today, Stovax is leading the way in terms of stove design of the future, with ranges in both wood burning and multi-fuel options, equipped with the very latest in Cleanburn and Airwash Technology. 

Stovax knows the future of solid fuel heating is making sure their stoves and fires burn as cleanly as possible, which is why substantial research and innovation has gone into the creation of a new range of Ecodesign compliant stoves – these are some of the most ecofriendly models on the market. Stovax specialises in a vast range of products with plenty of choice, and is the UK and Ireland distributer for a number of Nordic fireplaces and stove brands including Dovre, Lotus, Nordpeis & Varde,

With a view to extend their product range even further, the company diversified and created Gazco, a sister company that began to develop and produce gas-fired versions of Stovax stoves. Gazco produces a broad range of products that are also manufactured in the UK, with a large selection of modern and traditional styles available in natural gas or LPG versions. Gazco’s electric range of highly realistic stoves and fires also have some of the very latest in ambient technology, with features like interchangeable fuel beds and ChromalightTM led backlighting.

Stovax Ltd also includes Yeoman, a long established manufacturer of wood burning stoves that began on a humble farm in Dartmoor. Known for its cold winters, Yeoman specialises in more rustic, rural styling, with a wide selection of not only wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, but also high input boiler stoves and contemporary stoves. 

Stovax and Gazco continue to work very closely together, with each company consistently developing its product range and continuing to develop the future of stove and fire design.