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The Stoneleaf Celtic Grey slate is one of the most prestigious slates within the range at Stoneleaf Building Materials.

Stoneleaf pride themselves on the strong relationships formed with the slate quarries, over the many years as specialisits in importing roofing slates from Spain.

These relationships allow Stoneleaf to be confident in the provenance of each and every slate. Stoneleaf know the quarries they source from and the nature of their production methods, together with the properties and performance of the rock.

Over the decades Stoneleaf have enhanced their knowledge of the various quarries in Spain and select from ones with a good quality rock, and whose production methods can be relied upon for consistent supply.   An understanding of the production methods and the selection process used in each quarry enables greater knowledge of the form and performance of each pallet of slate.

The Stoneleaf Celtic Grey is sourced from a well established quarry in Northern Spain, in the La Bana region. This is an area renowned for top quality Grade “A” slates. The Celtic Grey has been used around the UK on many presitigious developments and is often the preferred choice of specificers, developers, private owners and conservation officers adding character and charm to any property. In fact, it is often compared in look and quality to the exclusive Blue Grey Welsh slates, but at a fraction of the cost.

A heavy slate with a rugged texture, the Celtic Grey offers a traditional look to the roof. The slates are 7-9mm thick and conform to BS EN 12326. The 100 year guarantee only enhances the peace of mind you should have when using this slate, for a trouble free roof for years to come.

You can download the brochure and relevant certification at

Stoneleaf are an independent company specialising in the procurement, importation and distribution of natural slate products from Wales, England, Spain and China.

They hold extensive stocks of a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colours of natural roofing slate at their Head Office near Chelmsford, Essex, and their large depot near the slate quarries of North Wales. Stoneleaf distribute nationally on their own crane off load vehicles.

Stoneleaf pride themselves on their ability to provide professional, technical advice and to provide a first class client service. Between them they have many, many years experience in the industry.