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Traditional Staircases

Woodside Joinery offers a wide variety of traditional staircase configurations including: traditional close and cut string, open rise, spiral and helical staircases. The product range varies with many standard designs and patterns to choose from, although they can also accommodate any chosen design to suit your application and needs. These staircases can be constructed in a variety of quality kiln dried Hardwood’s such as Mahogany, Ash, Iroko, Oak, Walnut and any other suitable species for staircase production.
Contemporary Staircases

The Woodside Contemporary range of staircases comprises of stainless steel newel posts and balusters, as well as spiral staircases to add the contemporary feel to your home, as well as incorporating all of the latest materials and manufacturing techniques at hand. A custom-built contemporary staircase is only limited by the designer’s imagination, making use of a wide variety of materials to produce what are often strikingly original forms.

Woodside Joinery is a long established family business, specialising in the production of quality staircases and staircase furniture.

Woodside Joinery manufacture bespoke staircases, Woodside Joinery combines the best traditions of craftsmanship with up-to-date production techniques to produce the highest finish possible. Woodside Joinery can provide a complete joinery service to include – doors, linings, architrave and skirting.