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Smart Heating Controls

JG Aura smart heating controls allow homeowners to control underfloor heating and radiators remotely from an app. The smart controls offer a single solution for managing heating temperature times and settings throughout the property. The fact that JG Aura is compatible with underfloor heating and radiators makes it the most desirable heating control on the market.

By using the JG Aura app, homeowners never have to worry about returning back to a cold house or forgetting to turn off your heating when leaving

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Trusted Plumbing & Heating Solutions

JG Speedfit, a British manufacturer that invented the push-fit fittings used in industries such as Plumbing & Heating, Compressed Air & Pneumatics, Automotive, Beverage Dispense, and Telecommunications, manufactures all of its fittings and pipes entirely in the UK.

Push-fit Plumbing Solutions:

The JG Speedfit range offers a wide variety of push-fit Plumbing and Heating solutions that make installations quick, easy and reliable. Trusted plumbing installers depend upon Speedfit Technology for making leak proof pipe connections in tight spaces. The ease to install reliable pipework using push-fit fittings without the use of additional tools, lies in the fact that our engineers have created a product that allows the installer to focus upon the more strategic tasks.

Plumbing installers trust JG Speedfit because all fittings are compatible with plastic as well as copper pipe, the twist and lock feature gives a leak proof seal, and fittings can be installed & demounted without additional tools within seconds.

Speedfit Underfloor Heating Solutions with Smart Controls:

JG Speedfit offers simple and affordable underfloor heating solutions to create luxurious heat without having to compromise on interior design. The company offers a variety of underfloor heating solutions that are compatible with various floor types and projects, be it retro-fit or new build. All underfloor heating solutions offered by the company can be controlled by the JG Aura smart heating controls that offer the flexibility of managing heat from anywhere at anytime using the JG Aura app on smart phones or tablets.

All-round heating control

As well as controlling underfloor heating, JG Aura can be combined with existing or new radiators.  Creating a single solution capable of controlling different temperature times and settings throughout the property.