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SilvaFrame Structures Ltd’s panel products come as standard fitted with non-reflective membrane. Banding is then applied to the membrane indicating the stud positions for fitting stainless steel brick ties or battening to receive the outer skin of your choice – masonry, cladding, render etc.

SilvaFrame bespoke kit options:

  • SilvaStandard – Open panel system: SilvaFrame’s standard open panel system is fitted with TF200 membrane on external walls and can be upgraded to TF200 thermo reflective membrane. This is a high quality timber frame panel without any factory fitted insulation. This system is best suited for clients with specific insulation requirements, who want to insulate on site.
  • SilvaStandard Plus – Pre-insulated panel system: This infilled open panel system is factory fitted with 120mm PIR insulation and TF200 thermo reflective membrane, achievable U-Value 0.19 W/m2k
  • SilvaSelect – Pre-insulated panel system: This option comes with the inner leaf sealed with VC foil (a vapour control layer) and counter battening ready to receive your plumbing and electrical services, achievable U-Value 0.17 W/m2k
  • SilvaService – Turnkey: This option, provided by our partner company SC4 Carpenters Ltd, takes your project all the way from foundations right up to the handover of keys.

Roofs, Joists and Trusses

SilvaFrame designs and installs a range of roofs from hand cut through attic trusses to standard fink trussed rafters.

Hand cut roof with dormers and opening for velux.

Our top hung pozi joists are designed using the latest MiTek software, fitted with Eggar protect flooring using PU glue for minimal noise transfer.

Pozi Joists make life easy for the plumbing and electrical service installation, assists in reducing cold bridging and enhances the U-values.

SilvaFrame designs, manufactures and installs attractive feature trusses – exposed roof trusses that offer a cost-effective way to add an eye-catching architectural feature to an interior space in contemporary buildings.

SilvaFrame Structures can produce feature trusses in various materials and designs including Green Oak, Douglas Fir, Glulam

Local craftsmen you can trust to deliver

SilvaFrame Structures Ltd is an independent local company run by experienced, qualified professional carpenters. The company takes pride in providing high-quality, sustainable timber frame services at competitive prices.

SilvaFrame’s timber frame structures are designed and manufactured by us at our factory in Southampton. The SilvaFrame team has experience working on successful timber frame projects in Southampton, Portsmouth, Chichester, Poole, Basingstoke, Andover, Winchester and across the South of England in Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Wiltshire, West Berkshire and beyond.

SilvaFrame’s focus on delivering fast and reliable timber frame services in the local area means we are able to:

  • pay attention to detail
  • work closely with customers
  • deliver complete bespoke solutions to our clients

SilvaFrame Structures Ltd is a member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), providing a level of assurance to our clients that we are committed to a high standard of professional skill, whilst serving to provide a sound technical backing when we design, manufacture and install our bespoke timber frame kits.

The SilvaFrame vision for timber frame

At SilvaFrame we believe we can make a real difference to the timber frame industry by paying attention to detail and offering an “erector friendly” package.

SilvaFrame Structures’s complete timber frame service is ideally suited to:

  • small housing developments
  • self-build
  • bungalow bumps
  • schools
  • offices
  • outbuildings and much more.

SilvaFrame also designs and builds attractive feature trusses – exposed roof trusses that offer a cost-effective way to add an eye-catching architectural feature to an interior space in contemporary buildings.

SilvaFrame – a fresh approach

SilvaFrame, has a different, collaborative approach and perspective to most other other timber frame companies. The company has been developed from experience gained on site in erecting and completing timber framed structures.

We believe this gives SilvaFrame a better insight into how our bespoke timber frame kit goes together, and has allowed us to introduce innovations and improved workflows to help improve value-for-money and performance, and better meet the requirements of clients, particularly property developers and self-builders.

In particular, SilvaFrame focuses on quality, attention to detail and speed of construction, offering an end-to-end service where quality is controlled from design to construction, and the process is fully integrated from start to finish. This enables our clients benefit from our design features that enable following trades to rapidly progress their work

At SilvaFrame, each project is treated individually, enabling us to tailor our services to your precise needs, which in turn speeds up the construction process and ensures a better end result. SilvaFrame pays particular attention to handing over a completed package.