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Round Garden Building In Dorset Case Study

Our round garden buildings offer something special for many sites. We were able to install one of these beautiful round timber structures on-site in Dorset in just one week. Both the shape and materials of this construction make it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. 

The Brief

The brief was to create a green and sustainable structure to enhance the amenity of the garden and create a restful and relaxing garden retreat. The structure was also to blend in harmoniously with its natural surroundings and create a structure that was eco-friendly in its construction, and energy-efficient while in use. A round garden building perfectly fitted the bill. Round buildings fit into their natural surroundings in a unique and special way. What is more, they use fewer materials than a traditional square or rectangular structure and are more efficient to heat while in use. 

Challenges and Design

When it came to materials use and design, sustainability was key. Our round garden buildings are the perfect solution for green-minded individuals. These buildings have constructional timber floor sections and vertical wall struts, base plates and wall plates made from oak or western red cedar. They are clad externally with western red cedar and roofed with constructional timber, sarking boards of Douglas fir and cedar shingles. 

The environmental credentials of the round building were also enhanced because no foundations were required. These structures are seated on groundscrews or on fully adjustable pads. This means that the carbon footprint of one of these buildings is far lower than that of many other garden buildings. 

Since our round buildings are fully customisable when it comes to glazing, door position and finishes, it was easy to create a bespoke solution for this property, as we can do on any other site. A simple, quick and straightforward build can still deliver a tailored solution for our clients. 

The Result

High-quality technical specifications throughout mean that these structures are built to last. The round garden building is not only highly functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing, it also met the needs of the client without harming planet or people. This is a charming, relaxing place to spend time. It adds to, rather than detracting from, the natural beauty of the environment.

Loosehanger Oak – About Us

Loosehanger Oak is an expert oak-frame construction company with over 15 years of experience in oak building. We offer a bespoke, end-to-end service for a wide range of unique oak build projects. Whether you are looking for a free-standing building or a property extension, we can help bring your dreams to life. We deal with everything – from the genesis of an idea through design to the final fit and finish. When you engage our services, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have many satisfied clients whose lives have been positively transformed by the beautiful, long-lasting structures we create. No matter what kind of oak building or oak extension you are looking for, we can help create the perfect solution for people and place. What is more, we will allow you to build without harming the environment. Oak is the ultimate green and eco-friendly material. We are passionate about sustainability and always remember that we are building not just for today, but for future generations. 

We built our first oak building back in 2004, for our own use. Our name, Loosehanger, comes from the location of that first build. It is believed to come from the old English term for ‘wooded bank’. Since then, we have enhanced many ‘wooded banks’ with our oak buildings and oak-framed extensions. Our beautiful, hand-crafted constructions truly care for and enhance their environments. Oak is a material that will allow new builds to blend in – in a way which few other materials allow. We understand how to use this wonderful material, when to enhance its properties and when to let it speak for itself. 

From beginning to end, our friendly and conscientious staff will be on hand to support you in your project. We will always make sure that everything goes smoothly, and that the new oak construction is ideally suited to your needs. We stand behind all our work, since we know that our high-quality, enduring buildings truly will stand the test of time. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to arrange a free site visit and consultation. Together, we can build better.