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Home automation provides the ability to control systems in your home via a mobile device, from anywhere in the world. It could be as simple as an isolated system such as a thermostat or a more expansive version, which includes a number of different elements such as security, lighting and energy management.

More accurately home automation means controlling everything including security, lights, appliances, heating and air conditioning and cooling systems via a remotely controllable network. 

The Internet of Things

Automation of building-wide systems have traditionally been more commonplace in commercial buildings and higher-end homes but something called the “Internet of Things” whereby everything has an assigned IP address and can be monitored and accessed remotely, has changed all this. 

It has allowed the connection of “smart” devices and appliances to a local area network, via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and means we are now seeing electrical systems including lighting and security being integrated into home automation networks. 

We might be a little way off automatic notifications from the fridge to say we’re out of milk but technology is developing fast and it won’t be long until all aspects of our lives are truly connected.

How can automation help you?

Automation is the element that describes the ability to program events on your home network and could be any number of things including turning your lights on and drawing the blinds at specific times of day or switching the heating on so that the house is warm when you come home from work.  Once you understand its possibilities automation can be used to simplify any number of everyday tasks.

Almost anything that can be connected to a network can be part of a home automation system. Typically we work with clients to automate lighting, power outlets, audio and video, heating and ventilation, electronic locks and security sensors, however the possibilities are endless.

 With the growth in smartphones and tablets, it means we can now connect to our home networks even while we’re away. 


Quest End launched in 2010 primarily as a property development company and have since expanded into the custom design and installation of home automation, cinema at home and intelligent control systems.

Quest End are a family-run business with a team that has a fantastic set of skills each complementing the other; combining IT & Technology, property development and project management.

This expertise means we don’t just specify and supply a product, but instead design a custom automation solution that is seamlessly installed into your space and centrally controlled by a tablet.