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This contemporary new build uses frameless structural glazing throughout the home to create frameless windows for an eye-catching design. This modern home uses a variety of aluminium framed glazing to create a minimal, contemporary design finish. This allows the home to be bathed in natural light.

Glass sliding doors were installed, these help to continue the minimal appearance of the frameless structural glass walls and aluminium casement windows. These patio doors also create the perfect access to the outside patio area. Large elevations were designed with a staggered effect, creating a more interesting building design instead of the more traditional modern flush, squared design.

Both slim framed aluminium casement doors and windows were designed as well as frameless windows to allow views of the carefully landscaped garden surrounding the new build. The large glass elevations provide the perfect balance of daylight and privacy.

Three large structural glass rooflights were also incorporated into the design throughout the first floor to provide even more natural light into the open plan living spaces. One of the main requirements from the client was to create a bright, light-filled hallway. This has been achieved with frameless rooflights and structural glazing that has been incorporated into the front elevation.

Frameless windows in the bedrooms were designed using structural glass with small opening aluminium windows for ventilation. Having a thin aluminium frame surrounding these windows enables a cohesive design throughout the new build with an impressive design impact from both inside and out.

Additionally, large bespoke gable end frameless windows were designed for the second floor of the new build. The gable end window in the loft room allows natural light to flood the open planned space, filling areas that may have previously been very dark.

The contemporary design of this new build fits perfectly with the surroundings of the home. The slim casement windows form an incredible piece of architecture with the angled gable end windows designed to fit into the roof profile.

IQ Glass are the leading architectural glass technology and minimal framed glazing company in the UK. Utilising years of experience with glass, IQ Glass are able to mix minimal aesthetics with innovative glass technology for a beautiful yet function glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfill the highest customer’s quality expectations, of performance, durability and design.

IQ Glass supply the most pioneering architectural glass technology including frameless structural glass assemblies such as frameless balustrades , frameless roof lights , glass roof and floors, curved glass, and glass extensions . Our extensive range of contemporary framing solutions include Bi Folding Doors , Minimal Windows , and large sliding doors , aluminium casement windows and doors , and specialist flush glazed systems such as our Innovare system. Mixing technical glass solutions such as heated glass , privacy glass , and specialised glass coatings allow these minimal framed glazing systems to be as functional as possible.

With talented and qualified professionals, IQ Glass offers a knowledgeable and a complete range of bespoke services for architects. Keep updated on the most recent trends on architectural glazing technology and book a Technical Seminar (CPD)

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