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The OTTY mattress offers a unique combination of 14cm-long encapsulated pocket springs, luxury reflex foam and Cool Blue Gel infused memory foam, which were engineered to work together to create the best support for your body contours and joints, while keeping your body temperature at optimal level throughout the night.

This results in a consistently comfortable night’s sleep and ensures you wake up feeling fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead!


An OTTY is a great night’s rest, not a complicated medical procedure. It has springs to keep you supported and memory foam to give you a comfortable snooze.

There’s some high-tech blue gel in there too, to keep you cool. You can also remove the cover and wash it at 40°. We believe that’s all you need to know.

Actually, there is one more thing. We’re up to £100 cheaper than other big-name brands.

So that’s what’s in an OTTY. It’s quality sleep, made simple.