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What is Minitec?

A low profile underfloor heating system (15mm thick), which is suitable for new build and renovation projects. It can easily be combined with underfloor heating controls, such as the Uponor Smatrix System.

Benefits of the system

  • Reduced bills – Save 325 kWh per year by installing Uponor Underfloor Heating! That’s the equivalent of 106 roast dinners!
  • Warms up fast– it is 60% quicker to warm up than standard underfloor heating systems
  • Easily fits around obstacles– the Minitec system can easily fit around obstacles and there is no need to move door frames
  • 3 day installation process– on average, a system (including floor installation) will be fully completed in 3 days and ready to walk on after 3 hours!
  • Uponor warranty– a full 25 year warranty is offered on this product

All of the benefits of the Minitec Underfloor Heating System are summarised in this short animation

Where can I purchase the system?

Minitec is available from all nationwide merchants and can be purchased online via Underfloor Store

For further assistance on finding a stockist, please contact Uponor on 01923 927000 or

Obtain a quote within 24 hours

In order to obtain a quote for a Minitec Underfloor Heating System within 24 hours, please submit your project details to

Downloads and Resources

For further information on the Minitec system and what it includes, visit the dedicated landing page

If you have a specific question about the system, email

Uponor UK are a leading international provider of plumbing, underfloor heating, local heat distribution and infrastructure solutions.

Recently, the organisation has diversified its portfolio to include a new electrical underfloor heating product (Comfort E). Easy to install, this solution is ideal for a variety of floor types and can be easily customised to fit into new and renovated homes.

With 100 years experience in producing underfloor heating products, Uponor customers can rest assured that a reliable and quality product is guaranteed.

Overall, the organisation is committed to sustainability and solutions that enrich people’s way of life. This is how confidence is built.