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Lincolnshire limestone is a great choice for masonry and walling stone. It brings warmth, beauty and intrigue to every home and garden. Formed in Jurassic times, it’s the result of calcium deposits in subterranean lakes infused with fossilized shells.

This natural availability makes it the oldest building material known to humans. It’s also one of the most sustainable. Build with stone, and you’ll have peace of mind that no harmful chemicals, toxins or pollutants are released from it.

The area where we live and work is part of the famous Lincolnshire oolithic belt. Consequently, we have access to the finest limestone for your masonry and walling projects.

Architects and designers value natural stone for its colour, texture, and overall aesthetic appeal. It also offers high thermal capacitance and incredible durability. As a building material, masonry stone can control sound and insulate against fluctuating temperatures.

It’s also very popular with environmentally conscious builders, home improvers and renovators.

If you’re planning a walling project, Clipsham stone is especially suitable for walling projects. Its rich warm honey tones make our signature stone a firm favourite all over the country. Arguably the hardest of all the Lincolnshire limestones, it brings beauty and resilience to every project. Our Greetham limestone is a paler local stone which remains popular throughout Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire as an alternative to the now defunct Tadcaster limestone, it’s especially recommended for larger course heights.

If you’re looking for a distinctive option, why not consider ironstone? This red coloured limestone, with subtle blue veining is highly sought after.

We can also offer reclaimed stone – naturally weathered and inherently full of character, it’s a great choice for walls. Lots of people choose it for period properties or projects where aged authenticity matters. You’ll know exactly where it’s come from, too. Locally sourced with clear provenance, we’ll include a random selection of shapes and sizes.

Find out more at our website or call our friendly team for advice about the right sort of stone for your project.

Stone has always been part of our family history and local heritage.

Based just outside the beautiful stone town of Stamford, we’re lucky enough to live and work on the famous Lincolnshire limestone belt.

You can find our stone all over the country.  Although our main business is architectural masonry and house building, our stone is equally desirable for use inside the home, too. Its popularity led us to create Stamford Stone At Home, which specialises in bespoke stone staircases, flooring for reception halls, boot rooms, orangeries and fireplaces and for patios, paving and ornamental features.

We’ve contributed to some very prestigious projects. Think of quintessentially British buildings including York Minster, Windsor Castle and the Houses of Parliament as well as exciting restorations in historic Oxford and Cambridge. Our expertise also extends to new developments for the next generation of homeowners.

That’s the beauty of stone. It lends itself to a rich diversity of building projects that shape the landscape where we live, work and come together.

We’re proud to own and operate local quarries – the first is our 20 acre Clipsham Medwells Quarry, over a century old. The second is our 30 acre Greetham site, which we took over in 2014. The third is our most recent acquisition, Clipsham Quarry Company which makes us the exclusive supplier of beautiful Clipsham stone worldwide.

While we’re steeped in tradition, we’re big believers in innovation. Our quarry at Swaddywells is perhaps better described as a stone engineering processing centre. Investing in advanced cutting equipment means we can now produce ashlar cladding pieces. This allows natural limestone to be used as either a fully constructional element or a lightweight cladding material.

Committed to remaining a family business, Stamford Stone is currently led by the second generation.

Nothing has changed from when we launched our business in 1997. We’re still as passionate about our products, the way we do business and our customers as we were at the very beginning.

To what do we owe our success?

Changes in technology – from mechanisation which began in the 1950s to the state of the art CNC saws we use today. This guarantees accuracy and consistency like never before. We’ve witnessed huge advances that have improved our processes. However, the careful finishing by hand of our skilled stonemasons will never be replaced.

Good collaborations – we’ve established excellent ongoing relationships with everyone we supply. Consequently, architects, specifiers, housebuilders and conservation specialists in building, commercial and retail sectors frequently approach us first.

Environmental responsibility – we’re very aware of preserving the landscape around our quarries. As a result, we have a renewal plan in place so that we can assure green spaces in the future.

With sustainability such a key word in architecture and construction, we are committed to doing everything we can to take care of our resources. Find out more at our environmental policy.