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The trend for opening up your home to the outside and making a seamless flow from living area to the garden is one that is here to stay.  Innovations in the style of doors available over the last 10 years have made this possible with high performance bifold and sliding doors becoming the norm.

One of the most frequently asked questions by potential customers is ‘should I choose bifold doors or sliding doors – which is better?’.  The short answer to that question is that both are equally desirable in a property, but the choice is entirely personal.

Kloeber advise customers to go through the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of each choice to ensure that you have explored all the available options and made the right decision for your property.

Kloeber’s bifolding and sliding doors come in a range of materials and colours and really add the wow factor to your property.  They bespoke make all their doors to order using the best quality profiles, ironmongery and glass.

As a general rule,  bifold  and sliding doors doors are available in a choice of aluminium or three types of engineered timber – pine, hardwood or Oak.  Sliding doors usually have the added choice of composite.

To enable yourself to make the right choice you need to consider how you’re going to use the room as well as the external space beyond the doors. Here are some of the questions you should be posing to yourself:

  • Is there another exit door near the bifolds/sliders or will this be a main point of entry and exit to the garden?
  • A bifold with one master door leaf that can be used independently may be more suitable for a frequently used door. How wide is the aperture? If it’s smaller you may want to be able to open up the whole space with bifolds. Bifold doors offer a 90% opening when folded back. If you have a larger opening, say 5 metres +, you may only need to open up part of the space therefore a slider may be more suitable.
  • If the doors are going to be shut most of the time do you need the functionality of a folding door? and would you rather have the bigger expanses of glass that a sliding door could provide giving you an unbroken view of your environment.

Always consider your floor finishes; a level threshold with similar flooring inside and outside really creates a cohesive single space, especially when you open the whole space up with a bifold. Creating that seamless look between the inside and outside can transform your home and how you use it.

Matt Higgs, Sales Director and co-owner of Kloeber said: “The Bifold vs Slider question is a frequent one for us but we’re pretty good at delving further and asking the right questions to get our customers thinking about what’s right for their needs.  Of course there is no right or wrong answer here, just what suits your taste, the way and frequency in which you will use the doors and what’s right for the style and layout of the property”

The best way to make an informed choice is to view the doors first hand, see how they operate and look, which you can do at any reputable supplier.  After all, this is a big purchase and you need to have explored all the options available.

Kloeber is a recognised market leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of advanced glazing solutions in beautifully engineered timber, low maintenance aluminium and composite all offering low insulation values, high security and a wide range of finishes and glass types to suit your project.

The full Kloeber range includes both bespoke and set size bifold doors, sliding doors, a full range of window options, French doors, fixed glazed panels, roof lights and the award winning FunkyFront contemporary entrance door system in both timber and aluminium along with the more traditional KlassicFront – Kloeber  – really are your one-stop shop for doors and windows.

Kloeber has also achieved Secured by Design status on their FunkyFront entrance doors, timber bifold doors and many other products.  Kloeber prides itself on producing excellent, value for money with high quality products without compromising on functionality or style – all backed up by the Kloeber Warranty and excellent customer service.

Kloeber that there is no substitute for seeing products first hand and asking all the questions relevant to your project.  Visit one of their extensive showrooms in Cambridge, London or Buckinghamshire.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Kloeber UK Ltd is a bespoke glazing solutions company offering high quality doors, windows and advanced glazing products. They aim to provide sound advice to help customers make informed choices on their product range. Their goal is organic growth, maintaining flexibility and a high level of customer service.