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Is it possible to heat your existing home – with concrete/screed floor – with a water underfloor heating system, allowing not any floor build-up?

Yes; with JK’s in-ground underfloor heating system, using an unique grinding technique to cut channels into the screed (dustless) where the heating pipe is laid into.

Case study:
An absolutely stunning beach house located in Bracklesham Bay, literally built upon the beach. JK’s in-ground UFH ™ is installed into the entire ground floor, covering about 100 square metres, and used as primary heat source. The sub-floor construction is a concrete slab with 30 [mm] of Ardex 38 screed on top where the underfloor heating system is grind and laid into a Zero build-up eco-friendly water UFH solution. A resin floor is applied as high quality floor finish.

What to do if the existing floor construction is a screed floor and you’re limited with build-up (eg. ceiling height/door steps)?

Indeed, JK’s system is the solution. JK’s water UFH system is embedded into the existing screed floor by grinding 14 [mm] channels where the heating pipe is laid into. The floor finish, tiles, vinyl, wood, carpet or resin can be applied on top and makes it a very comfortable, efficient and affordable heating system.

The system is designed with various zones, which means all areas can be controlled separately. All kind of control systems can be integrated with JK’s UFH system, from more traditional ones to the innovative, smart control systems. Radiators are no longer needed and can be removed. JK’s UFH system is THE primary heat source for your house. Of course, additional heaters such as log burners or open fire places can be used but mainly for aesthetic purposes as your home will already be warm and comfortable.

The system; JK in-ground UFH™ – Heat your home from the floor up

JK’s in-ground UFH™ is a revolutionary underfloor heating system with no floor build-up. The top screed is grooved using a specially designed and patented ‘JK Floorgrinder’. The JK Floorgrinder dustless creates grooves in the screed into which the heating pipes are laid into.

More and more people opt for underfloor heating systems because the benefits are very clear. Underfloor heating provides the most comfortable and uniform level of warmth. Also, underfloor heating systems (UFH) are categorized as Low Temperature Heating (LTH). This means that they can easily be combined with other heating systems already in place because of the low water flow temperature. As a result energy usage is lower and therefore the energy bill, as well!

Are you interested in the JK in-ground UFH™ system? Take a look at their website to find the closest retailer in your area. All the works will be carried out by an trained JK engineer,  taking care of the underfloor heating installation. Your local partner can advise and help you further with flooring, construction, plumbing or design services.

Unique System features
• Single heating system; the only and primary heat source
• Zero build-up; embedded ‘into’ screed floor
• Bespoke; custom floor cutting on site

JK floorheating is your partner for installation of warm water underfloor heating systems. JK is a Dutch company, founded in 1994, headquartered in the Netherlands with subsidiaries spread over Europe.

JK invest in innovative underfloor heating solutions where the revolutionary installation method and a range of self-developed products are a great example.

In the past 20 years JK has acquired more than one million square meters of knowledge and experience of in-ground underfloor heating systems in a range of countries such as Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Iceland.

They have the knowledge, expertise and experience to bring you a quality customised solution whether for renovation, refurbishment or starting a new building project in residential or commercial buildings.

JK has the appropriate solution for every place or project. Good service is valuable, therefore they ensure that you receive the latest information and good advice. What’s more, the installation is done by highly-skilled employees who are individually hired and
trained by JK. Therefore it is guaranteed that the JK underfloor heating system meets the benefits and quality of the heating system in your house.