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Steel is one of the most popular materials to be used on automated entrance designs due to its versatility of being able to create a classic steel gate design or a modern, minimalist gate. Using this extremely strong material for an automated gate is ideal as it can create an efficient safety barrier to the property, providing peace of mind to the home owners.

Space and light can be increased at an entrance space due to the barred nature of steel gate designs which is much harder to create with other gate designs. This is ideal for home owners who want to showcase their home or garden design, or for homes with certain building regulations. The barred gates allow vision through the entrance gates whilst maintaining and enhancing the security barrier into the home.

IQ Gates can design steel gates to be almost any shape, design, size or silhouette to enable them to be entirely moulded to the home or landscape design. These gates are available as a sliding, swing, split, garden or side gate. IQ Gates can then engineer the automation of your chosen design expertly, ensuring compliance with legalisation as well as an enhanced user interface experience.

With over 20 years in gate automation, IQ Gates work with the leaders in the fields of access control and automation equipment to bring you the latest in technology.

With the largest gate showroom in the Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire area they are able to provide a comprehensive range of gate designs to show what is possible from your automated entrance gate. IQ Gates can offer the widest selection of gate options including steel, timber, aluminium, metal framed timber gates and bespoke one offs.

As well as the wide range of gates, IQ Gates can also offer a broad spectrum of service contracts to ensure that your automated gates continue to work correctly and safely throughout their lifetime. One off repairs and safety health checks for existing gates are also on offer. IQ Gates are able to help you create the most impressive and secure entrance to your home with incredible design and installation.

IQ Gates are part of ‘Gate Safe’ showing that we have detailed knowledge of all required safety legislation and requirements under British and European Law.