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Designed for listed buildings and those properties in a conservation area, George Barnsdale’s Historic Range strictly adheres to authentic design details and original glazing methods. This range of timber windows and doors has been developed by working closely with planning authorities and conservation officers.

george barnsdale casement windows
George Barnsdale Sash Window

Incorporating Casement, Sliding Sash and Yorkshire Sash timber windows and a variety of door types, including French Doorsets, the Historic Range offers the following key features:

Authentic Design: To replicate original designs, flush joints and solid glazing bars have been incorporated into the design of the Historic Range. To closely match the original an extensive choice of profiles and layouts, including arched top, internal arch and arch fillet designs are offered. To mirror original hardware designs, George Barnsdale have sourced a series of window and door furniture collections.

Enhanced Weather Performance: With no detriment to authentic appearance, George Barnsdale have incorporated innovative features to provide excellent protection from the elements. Their Historic Sliding Sash, Yorkshire Sash and Casement window designs incorporate concealed dual weather seals to help retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture. For the Historic Entrance Doors, Single Doors, Stable Doors and French Doorset designs they’ve integrated concealed gaskets and plugs between the door and the frame to ensure that when the door is closed, the entirety of the frame is completely sealed.

Improved Energy Efficiency: For the Historic Range, George Barnsdale provide the options of narrow cavity insulated glazing units to replace original single glazing. With slim sightlines, the narrow cavity insulated glazing units provide a compromise between energy efficiency and authenticity.

Original Glazing Methods: To accurately replicate the aesthetics and the production methods of the original window, George Barnsdale have developed an external putty glazing system. Utilising modern materials to maximise performance, they are able to provide a five year guarantee against glazing unit failure on all external puttied installations.

Excellent Security: Security is intrinsic to our design approach. Historic Casement window and all of our door designs are fitted with multiple locking points, and our Sliding Sash and Yorkshire Sash windows incorporate only the highest quality hardware to provide excellent security.

Historic Brochure

George Barnsdale blend detailed design with premium materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure your wooden windows and doors are as enduring as they are beautiful.

George Barnsdale have been manufacturing premium windows and doors for over 133 years and whether you are a homeowner looking to replace your existing windows and doors or a developer needing to restore a listed building, you will find a range of timber windows and doors to suit your specific needs. Their range of products include Traditional, Historic and Contemporary, ensuring they have a bespoke window or door perfect for you.