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The Hemsec SIPs Commercial panel comprises of BBA Approved 15mm Internal and External Oriented Strand Board (OSB) grade 3 facings with a rigid Polyurethane (PUR) foam core. The standard panel width is 1200mm and can be supplied in lengths up to 6000mm. Suitable for structurally demanding projects as load-bearing or non-loadbearing walls and roofs that are easily integrated with a wide range of construction materials.

Foundation specifications can be significantly reduced due to the lightweight nature of SIPs. The panels can form a structural shell which is up to seven times stronger than a conventional timber frame build, in multi-storey applications SIPs can be utilised directly on top or to the external face of the floor slab.

SIPs allow for a faster build program when compared to traditional methods which minimises overall onsite costs by reducing project management, scaffold/plant hire, welfare facilities and labour. This can ultimately allow for an improved cash flow throughout the build and achieve an earlier occupancy.

Provided the installation remains weather tight and damp-proof, a life of at least 60 years may be expected.

Hemsec SIPs are a UK based manufacturer of PUR Structural Insulated Panels, with over 85 Years of experience and innovation. They are dedicated to product development and continually strive to push the barriers of SIP technology with our Residential, Hybrid and Commercial product ranges.

Hemsec SIPS manufacture light weight, polyurethane (PUR) foam injected, factory engineered Structural Insulated Panels that have been extensively tested for Structural, Acoustic and Thermal properties including Fire Resistance performance.

With a focus towards Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and environmentally friendly sustainable products – Hemsec SIPs are designed for internal and external, wall and roof applications for domestic and commercial construction solutions amongst building sectors including: Residential, Education, Leisure and Retail.

SIPs are a “Fabric-First” approach, easily integrated with a wide range of construction materials, as a load or non-load bearing structure, to provide a built up – through wall panel system. Hemsec SIPS are BBA / NHBC approved and are eligible for Premier Guarantee.