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The geometric planter creates a statement through the use of contrasting metals. This can be customised with a huge variety of materials and/or paint finishes to create a totally unique planter that’s perfect for your garden. This design brings together the bright and clean look of stainless steel with the age and texture of Corten steel. 

The geometric planter comes complete with a perfectly fitted, high-quality plastic insert to contain the soil. This insert allows for easier re-planting as it can be removed and replaced easily, eliminating the need to move around the planter itself. This insert rests upon strong metal support brackets. 

The Corten and brushed stainless finish is durable and weather resistant, with the Corten generating its own self-protecting rust coating that will protect the core metal. Every piece of Corten develops its own unique patina, depending on the weather conditions it is placed in. 

Geometric Planter dimensions: 0.25m x 0.25m x 0.5m. 

Geometric Planter insert dimensions: 0.19m x 0.19m x 0.23m 

Please read our materials guide (available at before making your decision on which material you would like to opt for. All our products will arrive un-rusted when purchased in a Corten or mild steel finish. If you want the product to arrive as seen here, be sure to email us and we can arrange this as a bespoke order for you.

About Us

At Exteria, we can fully tailor our designs to suit your outdoor space. We also stock a variety of home and garden products, including: garden décor, wall art, garden furniture, fire pits and interior décor. Every stage of the process can be determined by you, or you can order a product exactly as it is seen on our website.  

We specialise in luxury, metal pieces, with laser-cut designs. These can be customised in a variety of materials and finishes. We have a variety of metals and 30 different paint colours to choose from. Our in-house collection brings together sleek, modern lines with the geometry of the natural world to create totally unique designs. Any item in the collection can be adjusted to suit your home and garden.  

Our team of design engineers can create the perfect product for your outdoor space, no matter the scale of your idea. We are a subsidiary of Fabrikat – a design-led, engineering solutions manufacturer and services provider. We take all the experience and expertise we have learned from the industry and apply it to Exteria’s designs. This ensures you get the highest quality product possible, designed to withstand anything life throws at it – whilst still being light and elegant.  

We deliver our products nationwide and have access to a wide variety of manufacturing techniques; so, if you have an exciting idea for your outdoor space, contact us to see how we can make it a reality!