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Copper’s resistance to temperature and ageing make it an ideal material for plumbing and heating. There is a special advantage for heating installations: central heating pumps can work at a lower pumping rate. In copper heating installations all parts have the same cross section. In other systems the pipework cross sections can be restricted by fittings, sometimes to a great extent.

This leads to a loss of pressure in the pipe, which increases the pumping rate and therefore energy consumption. Heating installations made of copper not only save energy, but also money. Home owners make a further contribution to environmental protection when copper parts are replaced: copper is 100 percent recyclable without loss of material or quality.

Proven Performance
Copper pipework services have been in widespread use for decades. Copper comes with proven performance and pedigree, with over four million miles of copper pipe installed in the UK over the last century.

One Material, Multiple Uses
Strong, flexible and easy to assemble, copper is used in every part of domestic pipework – from water, heating, gas, solar thermal and oil to fire sprinkler systems.

Recyclable and Sustainable
Copper is 100% recyclable with no loss in properties, so it can be used over and over again.  It has been recycled for at least 10,000 years, and is today the most recycled plumbing material.

Almost half of Europe’s copper demand is met using recycled copper. To find out more about copper plumbing and heating, visit: