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Use British Ironmongery to choose all the British made ironmongery you need to fit your door – from letter boxes, door knockers and hinges, to more obscure items such as flush rings and even door studs.

Available in a variety of styles (including traditional styles such as Tudor, Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco and even specialist styles such as Louis XIV and XV), this massive choice of door furniture is  British made, traditionally cast brass or bronze, with each piece individually finished by hand, so the quality is assured!

Choose from either vintage door hardware (available in finishes such as solid bronze, black iron and antique brass) or more contemporary door furniture (in finishes such as polished and satin chrome or nickel).

The full range of finishes available are:

Brass Finishes

Polished Brass (Lacquered & Unlacquered)  –  Satin Brass (Lacquered & Unlacquered)  –  Aged Brass – Antique Brass  –  Distressed Antique Brass  –  Marbled Brass

Chrome Finishes

Polished Chrome  –  Satin Chrome

Nickel Finishes

Polished Nickel  –  Satin Nickel  –  Pearl Nickel  –  Black Nickel  –  Antique Nickel  –  Distressed Antique Nickel

Bronze Finishes

Imitation Bronze  –  Dark Bronze  –  Oil Rubbed Bronze  –  Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze

Real Sandcast Bronze

Antique Bronze  –  Polished Bronze (Gunmetal)  –  Tudor Bronze

Other Metals

Wrought Iron  –  Pewter

British Ironmongery have a huge range of door furniture products available, below is a list of a few of these:

Front Door Furniture – Including Letterplates, Door Knockers, Centre Door Knobs, Bell Pushes, Cylinder Pulls, Star Spindle Bolts, Numerals and Door Studs.

Door Pulls and Plates – Choose from a variety of British made Pull Handles, Finger Plates and Escutcheons (keyhole covers) available in both period and contemporary styles.

Locks, Bolts and Chains – Various high-quality security products for your door, such as; Rim Locks, Door Bolts, Door Chains and Espagnolette Bolts.

Hinges and Hinge Fronts – Choose from standard butt hinges to large antique black iron “T-shaped” hinges. Also available are Hinge Fronts; these are dummy hinges screwed to your door, giving the impression of a large, wrought iron hinge, but without the need to re-hang your door.
Other Door Furniture – This includes miscellaneous door furniture such as; Thumb Latches, Door Furniture for Flush Doors and Folding Doors, Door Stops and Turn-and-Releases for bathroom bolts.

British Ironmongery specialise in the supply of handcrafted, British made door furniture and window fittings. Whether you are looking for high quality ironmongery products for a contemporary new build property, or embarking on a period restoration project, they will have the ironmongery you require.

From period and vintage style reproduction ironmongery (including Tudor, Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and even Art Deco styles) to modern, contemporary styles, suitable for minimalist décor, British Ironmongery supply the highest quality architectural ironmongery, manufactured by some of the best British manufacturers, all using traditional methods and finished by hand.

All of the Door Handles, Door Knobs, Door Furniture and Window Furniture British Ironmongery sell is available in a wide choice of high quality finishes, such as; Black Iron, Antique Bronze, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Antique Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pewter and many more.

So if you’re looking to add that perfect finishing touch to your property and want something other than mass produced, imported window and door furniture, please browse their range of British Ironmongery.