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Are you looking to create a perfect, luxurious outdoor living space? Then our popular Maze Rattan Dining Sets are an excellent starter to pursue that dream. Designed to last all year round, they are superb to enlighten your dining experience under the glistering sun during the spring and summer time, or treating yourself to a hot chocolate in the winter. Whatever the occasion, our outdoor dining sets will provide you with the comfort and practicality to bring together a new-fangled dining experience and enjoy the environment of your own garden.

Our Maze Rattan Dining Sets offer great value money for garden furniture while providing a leading edge style and quality. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs, all equipped to compliment your garden’s space and ambience. With styles like our sleek and stylish Texas, LA and Miami sets, our traditional and fashionable Winchester and Tuscany range, and our vibrant Milan sets, you are spoilt for choice in designing your perfect garden sanctuary. Whatever the needs your garden requires, here at Maze Living, we are fully equipped with the necessary style and product to suit them. Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furnishings need to be 100% weather proof in order to last through all the seasons and that is what we aim to provide with our rattan dining sets.

Our dining sets bring fresh style and luxury to any garden space, it is clear that Maze Rattan Garden Furniture are a certain winner in providing the latest garden furniture styles.

As featured in the telegraph! Maze Living is the new lifestyle brand from Maze Rattan. For years Maze Rattan has been the driving force behind outdoor rattan furniture as a supplier and wholesaler to some of Britain’s biggest brands.

Maze Living is a brand that allows Maze products to be sold directly to the customers that love the brand – giving them access to the largest levels of stock in the UK. Maze Rattan is still proudly distributing through our network of thousands of partners across Britain the rest of the world – and if you’re looking for expert advice then we recommend you visit one of these partners in their retail establishments.

MazeLiving is an online-only endeavour which along with offering the latest products, includes news and articles authored by the country’s best known experts in garden landscaping and exterior design.