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Offering simple, clean profiles and modern designs, all built on the natural beauty of wood, George Barnsdale’s Contemporary Range is made to suit the renovation of modernised homes and ambitiously designed self-build projects. The following timber window and doors are available in this range:

  • Casement Windows
  • Tilt & Turn Windows
  • Pivot Windows
  • Entrance Doors
  • Bifold Doors
  • Sliding Doors

Freed from the style restrictions applied to the company’s Traditional and Historic designs, the Contemporary Range offers complete design flexibility. To ensure you get the exact the look you want from your home, the range incorporates a wide array of frame profiles, layout options and paint and stain colours. And, to complement the clean designs George Barnsdale have sourced a Modern Collection of door and window furniture. Providing a sleek, understated finish, the Modern Collection is machined from marine grade stainless steel.

george barnsdale wood modern windows

George Barnsdale’s Contemporary windows and doors feature large glass areas and high performing features, including triple and acoustic glazing. Due to the visual dominance of glazing within the Contemporary Range, they only accept the best glass, guaranteeing the clearest view with the maximum light inside. George Barnsdale employ their own stringent Glazing Visual Quality standard which exceeds that of the Glass and Glazing Federation.

As is the case with The Traditional Range, all Contemporary timber windows and doors are glazed from the inside to provide enhanced security and improved weather performance, as well as protecting the bead resulting in a longer life.

George Barnsdale blend detailed design with premium materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure your wooden windows and doors are as enduring as they are beautiful.

George Barnsdale have been manufacturing premium windows and doors for over 133 years and whether you are a homeowner looking to replace your existing windows and doors or a developer needing to restore a listed building, you will find a range of timber windows and doors to suit your specific needs. Their range of products include Traditional, Historic and Contemporary, ensuring they have a bespoke window or door perfect for you.