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CEDIA members span the globe. But what binds them together is a unique thirst for knowledge. As the oldest, largest, and most highly regarded provider of education in their industry, CEDIA has helped its members set the standard for design excellence, technical knowledge, and customer service.

CEDIA membership and CEDIA Professional Certification are your guides to the very best for your home and family.

CEDIA members can offer:

  • Professional assistance and guidance in the design of a personalised system for the individual client
  • A certified and trained staff of technicians, designers and support personnel to deliver a product of the highest quality
  • The most current technology at all levels to provide a broad selection for your requirements and wishes
  • A professional level of credentials and insurance to assure and provide a comfort level
  • Complete support from the ongoing service perspective
  • Information on the latest technology-and how to use it, as it becomes available
  • A simple but custom solution you will be proud to have as part of your home and lifestyle

Interested in updating the technology in your new or existing home? Want to make sure that your project is professionally designed and installed? Then you’re ready to find a qualified CEDIA Professional near you.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, updating your electronics or just need some help from a specialist, CEDIA members are your trusted home technology partners.

If you’re like most these days, technology in the home is a significant investment. By hiring a qualified home technology professional to properly design, install and maintain your home electronic system, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be in good hands now and in the future. Find you nearest Home Technology Professional here.

CEDIA is the international trade association and central touchpoint for 3,700 member companies that represent every facet of the ever-evolving technology market.

The association powers integrators’ passion by providing development pathways that move them to the next level by providing education, community, resources, and vision.

CEDIA members deliver technology solutions that allow people to have their best moments in life from the comfort of their own home: life lived best at home.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is the international trade organisation for the home technology industry. CEDIA Members specialise in the planning, design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home. They can install anything from multi-room audio and home cinema systems to complete home networks and sub-systems which intelligently control lighting, security and HVAC.