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Whether you are updating existing windows and wish to have a ‘like for like’ replacement, undergoing renovations or working on a new build project Architectural Bronze Casements offer systems to suit your requirements:

Heritage System – this is the simplest and most delicate of Architectural Bronze Casement’s extrusions. It can be bent to form curves and can also be divided with horizontal transoms which make it the most adaptable in design terms. This system is also ideal for single glazing and traditional leadlights.

Advanced System – a feature of this system is a decorative bronze beading that secures the glass in place. There is also the option to have a contemporary bead for this system to suit the architectural style of your project. This beading allows for the housing of more efficient glazed units which has resulted in popularity of this system.

Thermabronze System – aesthetically this is identical to the Advanced System with the added benefits of being a thermally broken system, offering greater thermal efficiency.

Inward System – this system is ideal for properties with high or difficult to access windows where conventional cleaning is not an option.

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Architectural Bronze Casements are highly recognised for their unique and diverse range of bronze windows, doors, screens and secondary glazing. Over the years they have been specified for the conservation of historic properties through to the installation in today’s more modern architectural designs.

Aesthetically striking, this material is an exciting alternative to steel and aluminium. ‘Architectural bronze’ is a manganese brass alloy which is extremely strong, long lasting and requires little maintenance.

There are a range of systems, designed to marry with architectural requirements and each unit is carefully hand made to exacting standards. Bespoke designs and shaped openings can be achieved along with lead detailing for specific design requirements.  The striking appearance also makes them ideal for more contemporary style projects. Casements are usually incorporated within stone, brick or timber openings.

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